Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nivea Invisible for Black and White Roll-on Deodorant

I was recently asked to trial Nivea's Invisible For Black & White Roll-On Deodorant for 10 weeks as part of Beauty Heaven's Trial Team. This deodorant promises that it won't stain your clothes yellow or leave white marks on black clothes. Well, I can say that it 100% delivered on both fronts. I bought a new white shirt especially for the trial and wore it at least once a week - so during the trial it was worn 10-15 times - and there is not even the faintest hint of a yellow stain. This was hugely impressive as most of my old t-shirts have yellow stains from deodorant on them.

It also didn't leave any white marks on my black tops or dresses. There's nothing more annoying than apply your deodorant, pulling a black dress on only to find white marks all over the sides. This did not do that at all.

The scent was very pleasant - a kind of perfume smell - not distinctive, but pleasant none the less, but it wasn't overly strong so it didn't clash with my perfume, which was great.

The only disappointment with this, and I guess it is a fairly big one for a deodorant, was that it didn't offer enough protection for me. I found myself getting sweaty marks under my arms and by about lunch time I was pretty stinky. If I reapplied it, it was no long a problem but it wasn't always convenient for me to do so.

I am quite a sweaty person - my hands are always clammy and I have very sweaty feet so I guess I just sweat too much for it. Unfortunately my sweatiness is something that I am quite sensitive about so that means that I probably won't use this deodorant again as it just didn't offer me enough protection.

My husband also trialled the male aerosol version of the Nivea Invisible For Black and White. Like me this left absolutely no marks on any of his business shirts, which was brilliant. Unlike me, however, this offered ample protection for him in terms of sweating and BO. Hubby rarely smells bad. He is one of those lucky (annoying) people who don't really get BO - he just smells salty when he sweats. He found that this prevented him from sweating during the workday and when he went to the gym, whilst it didn't stop him from sweating, it did prevent all traces of body odour. He was really happy with his trial and said that he would use his deodorant again. Me? I'll probably go back to my Mitchum as it has been the only thing I have found so far to prevent me from sweating.

Are you a super sweater like me or are you lucky like my husband? If you are a super sweater, which deodorant have you found to work best for you?

All opinions stated in this blog are my own. I have no affiliation with Nivea and received no remuneration for my comments. The deodorant was provided to me by Beauty Heaven to review as part of their Trial Team.

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