Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Beauty Lovers Census Form

I love Census night! Don't ask me why but I was so excited to fill out my form tonight and was sad once it was all over...so I created an even better one - one designed especially for beauty lovers! If you are also sad that Census night won't come around for another 5 years then please cut and paste the form below and fill in your own answers.

How many beauty products dwell in the vicinity of your computer/laptop. Include all products that ordinarily live there as well as any that have not been put away to their correct location.


What are the names of these products? Please list whether they ordinarily reside in this location.

I work on my laptop on the couch so not one beauty product should reside here. There are all waiting to be put away after being reviewed or recently received in the mail. They are:
  • I Love My Muff Kit (wash, wipes, lotion, spray) - just reviewed
  • 4 sunsilk products - shampoo, conditioner and 2 styling products. They just arrived in the mail from a comp I won on The Plastic Diaries
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover - have been waiting to be put away for over a month now
  • Maybelline BabyLips lip gloss - my lips always feel dry so I tend to leave lipgosses lying all over the house
  • Jurlique products to review (4 x Purely White range, 3 x Herbal Recovery Range, 1 x Purely Age Defying) - they just arrived today so I am still having fun playing with them
Are these products owned by the person filling out this form?

Yes. The other members of my household leave their products in the bathroom where they belong!

On the day of Tuesday 9th of August what beauty products did you use?

Lush Curly Wurly shampoo
L'Oreal Everpure conditioner
Palmers cleansing gel
Lush Snowcake soap
Palmers serum
Palmers moisturiser
Mitchum Deodorant
The Jojoba Company jojoba oil
Palmers cleansing gel (again)
BIOeffect serum

Is this your normal routine? If no, what is your normal routine?

No. I am trialling the Palmers range at the moment though it is causing my skin to sting a bit hence the need to apply jojoba oil. Recently I have been using the Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone serum and the Estee Lauder Tinted DayWear moisturiser during the day. I usually use MoroccanOil hair products but am trying to use up all my half finished bottles, though have re-fallen in love with Curly Wurly. I have been trialling the Nivea Invisible for Black and White deodorant for the last 3 months but it doesn't offer me enough protection so today I switched back to my old faithful Mitchum. I am totally in love with BIOeffect serum though so hopefully this stays part of my regular routine.

On the day of Tuesday 9th of August what fragrance did you wear?

None - though the scent of Snowcake lingered on my skin for hours.

Did you own this fragrance a year ago?


On the day of Tuesday 9th of August what colour was your hair?

Dark brown (dyed but fairly close to my natural colour), with a few annoying greys poking through.

Was your hair this colour 1 year ago?

Similar - this time last year I had a 7 month old bub and hadn't been to the hair dresser in about a year so my hair was as close to its natural colour as it has been for years. There were definitely less greys last year!

Was your hair this colour 5 years ago?

Well there would have been no greys 5 years ago. Back then I had also just started working after 8 ears of being a povo student and I remember shouting myself to an expensive hair cut and colour so it was probably streaked with a few different colours (dark brown base with copper, gold and caramel highlights).

On the day of Tuesday 9th of August what colour were your nails?

Natural - no polish.

How long have they been this colour?

Probably 4 months. i think the last time I put polish on was when I was on holidays in April. Isn't that terrible!

In the week prior to Tuesday 9th of August have you actively researched any beauty products?

Yes. Heaps actually! For blogging I researched I Love My Muff, Jurlique, and heaps more I can't remember.
For buying I started research what I'd get when I go to Hawaii - mostly Philosophy shower gels at this stage...

In the week prior to Tuesday 9th of August have you actively received any beauty products? Please note whether they were purchased/won/swap/provide for consideration.

Heaps again - 4 x Palmers face products to review, 8 x Jurlique products to review, 4 x sunsilk products from competition win, 4 x I Love My Muff to review, 1 x facewipes to review...I think that's it but there could very well be more in there!

OK bloggers its your turn - complete the beauty blogger census form or risk being fined! Once complete, post a link to your Census form in the comments below. Can you think of any better questions to ask?