Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Weekend Beauty Blog Hop

I recently discovered the concept of a Blog Hop and thought that it was pretty cool. The only problem was that this Blog Hop wasn't genre specific so unfortunately the majority of blogs didn't interest me. I had a search for Beauty Blog Hop but couldn't find one, so decided to create my own.

So, what is a Blog Hop? It is a cool way of discovering new blogs or hopefully getting new followers for your blog. All you have to do is enter a link below to your blog and it will then appear in a list that others can then click on the link to go directly to your blog. You can also go through the list to discover new blogs and then follow any that interest you. The really cool thing with a Blog Hop is that if you also want to post it on your blog, you just grab the code below. Then, if anyone joins the Blog Hop from your blog, not only will your list be updated with their link but also all blogs in the Blog Hop - so it doesn't matter where someone joins, we will all have the same list. From the list you can then 'hop' from one blog to another.

The rules:

I am going to make it simple and have only one rule. Your blog must have some amount of beauty content. That's it. Other blogs with Blog Hops insist that you must follow them to participate. I would love it if you did follow me; however, I would prefer followers who are genuinely interested in my blog. So, if it is not you cup of tea, no worries. You are still more than welcome to participate, and I hope you do discover some other blogs of interest.

If you have any questions post them below, otherwise add your link and welcome to my first Beauty Blog Hop!