About me

I am a scientist by trade, having done a PhD in wound healing. I am also hopelessly obsessed with anything to do with beauty. For years, the scientific half of my brain has been at war with the vain half: the vain half was forever getting suckered in by marketing claims that the scientific half knew to be a total load of crap. Unfortunately, the vain half of my brain is a lot stronger and so usually silenced the scientific half! Recently, there have been a slew of products released that have some pretty hardcore research behind them that have really caught my interest. So, the aim of this blog is to chat about beauty products that are backed up with scientific research, to try and translate some of this research back into simple English, and to give my reviews of these products. I also hope to bust a few beauty myths and point out which marketing claims are total crap, so all of us can get the vain halves of our brains under control!

I started this blog because I was frustrated by the lack of depth of information in magazine articles about beauty products. I found myself constantly Googling to find out more – what ingredients do, how products work, the research that led to the development of a product. After months of such researching, it occurred to me that perhaps others may also be interested in my findings, and so The Science of Beauty was born.

In addition to being a scientist, I am also a mum to Isaac who is 3 (referred to as The Crazy Kid in this blog) and Kiara who is 1 (referred to as Kiki) and a wife to Brett (referred to as hubby...I can't think of a cool nickname for him!).