Monday, 16 January 2012

Do you love Napoleon Perdis cosmetics? Now's your chance to buy them super cheap (if you are in NSW)!!

I'm sure all the Napoleon fans out there have already heard about this amazing sale on Facebook, but for anyone who missed it I thought I had better give you a heads up!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and apologies for going AWOL!

After nearly a month break from both writing my blog and reading others I am back and excited to rejoin the beauty world!

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for suddenly going missing over the Christmas/New Years period. I had has so many posts I wanted to write before Christmas, such as Christmas Gift Guides, who to blow your Christmas money on in the sales and about a billion reviews but they just didn't happen.

About a week before Christmas, the Crazy Kid came down with tonsillitis and the poor little tyke was so sick. I was giving him  back to back pain relief but could tell when it was wearing off as he would start drooling like a newborn - it must have been too painful for him to swallow his saliva, poor thing. Actually I do have a bit of a funny story - I was out Christmas shopping and he was getting really whiny so I gave him a dose of Panadol (paracetamol). The only way to give it to him is with a syringe - I have to force his mouth open then squirt it down the back of his throat. Naturally, he fights the process like a wild animal so as a 'reward' afterwards I give him the syringe to play with, which is what I did at the shops this day. I was wondering around when I had a look down at him in his pram and he had pulled his shirt up and was 'injecting' himself in the bellybutton! I have no idea where he would have gotten the idea to do this and shudder to think what people must have thought seeing him do that. But he was happy and quiet so I didn't stop him!

Anyway, getting up and nursing him through the night and day took every ounce of energy I had out of me. I think being pregnant didn't help. I went multiple days in a row without showering and couldn't stay awake later than 8.30pm, hence blogging had to take a massive back step.

Thankfully, Crazy recovered by Christmas day and we had the most wonderful day. He was in absolute fine form and played non stop with his grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins until 9.30pm - the latest he has ever stayed up (though he did eat his body weight in chocolate so its hardly surprising!). He then went to bed without a fuss and slept in until 8.30am - the latest he has ever slept in! I got totally spoilt, as usual, and received quite a few beauty products which I will post about in the coming weeks.

After Christmas, Hubby, Crazy and I went to Port Macquarie for for a family holiday. I had intended to blog whilst away but I didn't actually turn my computer on the whole time - and it was surprisingly glorious! Crazy ditched me as his number one and became BFF's with his Daddy. It was quite beautiful and amusing to watch. Me and hubby were meant to alternate turns in waking up for Crazy but on my days Crazy decided that I wasn't any good at feeding him his breakfast so would insist on getting Daddy up to do it! Sweet! Plus he started eating a whole bunch of foods that I had previously unsuccessfully tried him on just because Daddy was eating them, such as egg and pasta. He had always rejected ice cream when I offered it...then Daddy had a cup and it suddenly became 'more, more, more'! But if I offered him a mouthful of my ice cream it was 'NO' with an emphatic shake of the head. Sweet!

Crazy and his BFF

I am back to reality now and ready to get back into the swing of things. So, what can you expect in the coming weeks? Tomorrow I will be going on a Harbour Cruise hosted by Jurlique to introduce their rose range, which I am super excited about, so expect reviews of both the experience and the products. I still have a million reviews I intend on posting, plus some Christmas and sales hauling. I will also continue my acne series of guest reviews, so keep your eyes out for that. I am then buzzing off to Hawaii in Feb so will most likely go AWOL again. I had hoped to schedule some posts but now accept that it isn't going to happen! But I will be back with some wonderful stories to share and hopefully some haulage (between me, Hubby and Crazy we 'only' get 160kg of luggage so my hauling will probably be limited to about 100kg...I already plan on getting 30kgs of various peanut butter treats - think Reece's everything - and since by then I'll be nearly 30 weeks pregnant and so too fat to buy clothes, that only leaves me with about 70kg to haul on beauty products!!). You will have to keep your eyes out for a post Hawaii giveaway (any hints on what I should get to give away?).

Another heads up - I expect to stop blogging for a couple of months after Crazy number 2 is born in late April/early May while I get used to my new life of two Crazy's to look after, even less sleep, and become a round the clock milk machine! So, I will be looking for some guest bloggers in that time to keep the content coming. If you have always wanted to give blogging a try, this could be your opportunity or if you would like to be considered to review some products, I am planning on getting my hands on some. I will do a specific post about it, so look out for that one as well or you can express your interest below and I will make sure to email you once the post is up.

How was your Christmas and New Years? Did you get up to anything exciting or receive any awesome presents?