Friday, 12 August 2011

The day my first Lust Have It box arrived and how being a domestic Goddess clashed with beauty blogging

Once upon a time there was a beauty blogger called Sarah. Sarah loved to research beauty products, then sample said products then finally blog about these beauty products (it would be silly for her to be a beauty blogger if she didn't). One day when she was researching an article she stumbled upon a service, called Lust Have It, where, for a small monthly subscription fee, a mystery box of beauty samples could be delivered straight to her door. This excited Sarah very much as Sarah LOVES presents and especially LOVES surprises.

So, Sarah rang Nicci, the founder of Lust Have It, for more information. Nicci was also very excited about her service and so proceeded to blab all about it, and even spilled what Sarah thought was all of the contents of the first box. Sarah, thinking that she had a major scoop, then blogged all about it. While Facebook and forums were a buzz with Lust Have It fans all eagerly anticipating their first boxes, Sarah was sitting back smugly, for she already knew what was going to be in that first box. Or did she? It turns out that she didn't, for Nicci had been a little bit sneaky and had kept some secrets from Sarah.

At 2.45pm on Friday 12th August the intercom in Sarah's apartment buzzed. She knew that it was her building manager ringing to say that it was parcel time. So she grabbed her son, The Crazy Kid, and her keys and started making her way to the foyer to pick up her parcel. As it was raining, the building manager kindly brought her parcel over to her. Unfortunately this created a new problem as The Crazy Kid had thought that he was getting out of his apartment prison and when he was told that he had to go back inside he had a tantrum. A BIG tantrum. As much as Sarah was busting to open her parcel, she had to deal with The Crazy Kid. So the parcel sat on the coffee table until 3.04pm.

At 3.04pm, when The Crazy Kids BIG tantrum was finally over, Sarah was finally able to open her parcel. Sarah is actually a professional present opener and holds many records in speed present opening. However, she wanted to keep everything looking pretty to take photos for her blog so this time she opened it in a calm and sensible fashion.

At 3.05pm Sarah had finally opened her parcel and had the contents of her first Lust Have It pack in front of her. The pack included a lovely welcome letter but Sarah is the type of person who always opens a present before reading the card so she threw this letter on the floor and explored the contents of her pack instead. What she found was:
  •  a 3ml sample of BIOeffect EGF serum (1 months supply). Sarah has previously written about this (here) and is very much in love with this product so was excited to be getting another sample!
  • 13g jar of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Sarah LOVES this product as it is so effective yet so gentle as well. It really is daily. And, whilst she already has a full size bottle, this is going to be brilliant for taking travelling (especially as she is going to Hawaii in the near future)!
  • a 30ml bottle of Naked Tan Goddess Bronze Self-Tanner. Sarah is unfamiliar with this brand so is excited to try it. The self-tanner smells deliciously of coconut (just like those Reef Oil tanning oils). She will probably wait a couple of months until her body is out of its winter hibernation and is not quite so hairy and scaly.
  • a 1.5ml tube of Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine lip gloss. This was clear with pink glitter. At first Sarah was dubious about the glitter but then when applied realised that the glitter is barely noticeable and that this is in fact a lovely clear gloss.
  • A 1.5ml sample of Armani Code (for Sarah's husband). Quick spray - smells like a nice male fragrance. Sarah can imagine hubby wearing this.
  • A Burts Bees sample in a tin. Unfortunately The Crazy Kid has nicked off with this so Sarah can't go into much more detail at this moment. The Crazy Kid has a lid obsession and so must have thought the little tin was another lid for his collection. Sarah thinks that it might have been a hand and nail cream, or maybe a cuticle cream...

Once Sarah had calmed down from her excitement of opening a present she hunted for the letter she threw on the floor and found out that it was double sided - on the front was a lovely welcome note from Lust Have It and on the back was a set of instructions on how to use the products. So thoughtful.

At 3.15pm Sarah sat down to start blogging about her first Lust Have It Box. There had already been a few brilliant blogs written up on the first Lust Have It Box but as Sarah had previously written about what to expect in the first Lust Have It box and about the launch, for continuity she thought that it would be nice to also do a post on her first box. Unfortunately, after only 5 minutes of writing she smelt a smell. A BAD smell. And it was coming from The Crazy Kid. He needed changing. Sarah pondered for a while whether it would be ok to just spray him with the Armani Code sample and pretend that he didn't 3.22pm Sarah came to the conclusion that this would probably be regarded as bad parenting and so put down her laptop and changed The Crazy Kid. This resulted in tantrum mark II (though only a medium one this time around).

At 3.45 tantrum mark II was over and Sarah could recommence blogging. She blogged away happily until 4.20pm when The Crazy Kid reminded her that he liked to have his dinner at 4.30. Sarah once again pondered whether she could just run across the road to buy The Crazy Kid some KFC and once again came to the conclusion that this is bad parenting (as The Crazy Kid is only 18 months old). So she became a domestic Goddess and crumbed him some home made schnitzel.

At 4.35pm The Crazy Kid was happily feeding himself dinner so Sarah could finally finish her blog. The main thing Sarah wanted to write about was just how good value she thought the box was. It turns out that the first box is worth over $80 - excellent value when you consider that the subscription fee is only $14.95. Sarah rang Nicci from Lust Have It to tell her how happy she was with her first box when Nicci let her in on a little secret, well, it is not actually a secret as it has already been posted on Facebook, but Nicci told Sarah that they have been getting a few enquiries from people wondering whether it is too late to get the August box.  If anyone didn't sign up for a Lust Have It box and are now regretting that decision, there will be a very limited re-release of the first Lust Have It box. That's right - you can still order it! There are not going to be many boxes in the re-release as they only have a limited number of samples, so if you would still like one you should probably order it pretty soon.

Finally, Sarah was able to complete her blog post on Lust Have It whilst still being a domestic Goddess. Sarah and the Crazy Kid lived happily ever after.

The End.

Did you get a Lust Have It box? Were you happy with the samples?

This box was provided for consideration.