Friday, 10 June 2011

Lust Have It! Revealed: What Samples to Expect in Your First Box! Updated 12/07/11!

I have just received news that there is now a fourth monthly sample box company launching - Lust Have It! and you can sign up for it here. Unlike the other sample box companies I mentioned last week, Lust Have It! are not still in the beta mode but are in fact launching in a couple of weeks. That’s right – from July you can subscribe to this company and your first box of premium samples will arrive in August.  This means that Lust Have It! will be the first sample box company to be sending out boxes in Australia.
When researching the different companies for my previous article I found it very difficult to find much information. The companies couldn’t release the list of brands that they had on board, or they told me that they were still in beta mode and would get back to me once as soon as they had more information. This is not the case with Lust Have It!. I think I spoke on the phone with Nicci, the founder of Lust Have It!, for about 30 minutes today and she answered every single one of my questions, including spilling what the contents of the first box will be! But before I get to that I’ll tell you a bit more about Nicci and Lust Have It!.
Nicci has been in the beauty industry for 20 years, working as a beauty therapist. She got the idea for Lust Have It! when she realised that there are a whole range of brilliant beauty products out there that are only available in salons and that these products really work, yet most people don’t get the opportunity to try them. So, Lust Have It! will provide samples of these salon brands, plus other high end brands, in your monthly beauty boxes. You will not receive samples of supermarket beauty products.
Each month, if you subscribe to Lust Have It! you will receive 5 to 6 premium samples. The service costs $14.95 and this includes postage and handling. You can either pay for each month that you would like to receive the box or you can subscribe for 12 months. I asked Nicci just what a premium sample is. I mean, you don’t want to pay $14.95 to get a single sachet of product. She said that the majority of samples will be deluxe in size – think travel or GWP size. Some products in your box will even be full sized. There will be occasions where the brand included in your box only has samples available in sachets so in these cases you will be provided with multiple sachets to really get a feel for the products.
For each box you purchase, or if you get a yearly subscription, you earn points. Lust Have It! will have an online store attached to it so if you love the sample you have just trialled you can then buy the full sized product in their online store. You can redeem the points you have earned for discounts on the full sized products. You are probably busting to know exactly what brands are already on board, well keep reading. All will be revealed soon!
One final thing that I want to tell you about Lust Have It!, before I spill what you will be getting in your first box, is that there is no wait list to be invited. You don’t have to invite 500 friends to be accepted, or wait until an opening becomes available. You can subscribe when you want to, on your terms.
Now, what you have all been waiting for – the contents of the first box! I can reveal that the first box will contain a premium sample of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (13g), a sample of a Lancôme product so new that it has not even hit the shelves yet, plus 4 more premium samples that could come from any of the following brands: Burt’s Bees, Mirenesse, Naked Tan, Pure Fiji, Kerastase, L’Oreal, Redken, Purelogy, Essie, Thalgo or Urban Rituelle. Sorry, you didn’t think that I was going to give away all of the contents, did you? Surely you must want some surprises in your first box! That’s the beauty of these sample boxes, you just don’t know what is going to turn up on your doorstep each month! One thing that you do know is that it is going to be awesome! The value of the two samples I have mentioned is already over $20 and there are still four more samples in your first box. I honestly do not think that you will be disappointed.

UPDATE 12/7/11: I can now reveal that the first Lust Have It! sample box will also include a sample of the amazing BIOeffect EGF Serum. If you have not heard of this serum then you need to check out my blog post on it. It is honestly one of the most amazing beauty products that I have read about. This sample alone is worth $40, bringing the total of your first box to an incredible $60...and I haven't even revealed half of the samples.
In addition to the brands listed above, Lust Have It! are in negotiations with some pretty exciting brands. I have been sworn to secrecy until these negotiations are finalised but I’ll give you some hints – think of a really well known high quality make up brand and a gorgeous natural Australian skin care brand. Each month, new brands will be added!
Unfortunately, Nicci didn’t tell me what will be in any of the subsequent boxes, though she did say that the contents of the next four boxes have been finalised...and she may have let slip that in one of the boxes you will receive a full sized nail polish worth $19.95 – so you already getting more value than your $14.95 subscription fee and that is just on one product. At this stage everyone will be getting the same contents for their boxes, but there are plans to personalise the boxes in the near future. And don’t worry, in the initial boxes you will not receive products that are aimed at specific ages or skin concerns. All products provided will be suitable for any age or skin type.
The website for Lust Have It! Is due to go live any day now, and to celebrate they are giving away the ultimate beauty prize pack worth $500 to one lucky person who registers to their mailing list!
The cut off to be included for the first box mail out in August is the last week of July but just a word of warning – there are only a limited number of boxes available for the August shipment. Whilst there is no waiting list to be invited to Lust Have It!, once they have sold the allotted number of boxes for August then that’s it, I’m afraid. So, if you think you might be interested I would get your name on this list ASAP.
I mentioned in my previous post that I can’t choose which sample box company I am going to sign up for. Obviously, we won’t know until the first couple of boxes from each company have been sent out, which company is likely to be the best value, but from my research Lust Have It! are appearing to be the most professional. So far they are the only ones that have answered any of my questions and they have provided me with so much more information than the other companies.
Do you have any further questions about Lust Have It!? I drilled Nicci with every question that I could think of but if there is anything you still want to know, post it here and I will see whether I can get Nicci to answer it for you. 

All opinions stated in this blog are my own. I have no affiliation with Lust Have It! and received no remuneration for my comments.