Monday, 20 June 2011

Ajana Mocha Madness Scrub Review

I was thrilled to recently be invited to trial the Ajana Mocha Madness Body Scrub. According to Ajana, The Mocha Madness body scrub is 'an invigorating body scrub like a shot of strong coffee to wake you up and wash away yesterday's tired skin leaving you and your skin invigorated and smelling sweetly of chocolate and coffee'. To me, coffee is one of those teasing aromas that smell a hell of a lot better than they actually taste (BBQ'd onions are another). So, to be able to smother myself in the delicious aroma of coffee, without having to be put through its horrible bitter taste was just delightful!

 Ajana suggests that this scrub is perfect for use over the whole body but especially on the knees an elbows in which the skin can be quite dry and rough but I actually think that this scrub could be an excellent cellulite treatment.

As I explained in my Coffee and Caffeine in Skin Care article, caffeine can improve the appearance of cellulite in at least 3 ways - caffeine is a diuretic so can dehydrate fat cells, reducing their size; caffeine encourages fat to be broken down by blocking phosphodiesterase activity, which is an enzyme that stops fat from breaking down; and, caffeine is bronchodilator (relaxes muscles in the lungs) so it is thought that it might also be able to relax the fibres that anchor the skin to the underlying muscle as it is these fibres that cause the dimpled effect of cellulite.

In addition, this delicious scrub contains ground cocoa. According to MoneyWatch website, cocoa contains theobromine, an alkaloid that penetrates the skin to the subcutaneous fat layer and may help stimulate the release of stored fat. So this scrub contains ingredients that attack cellulite on two different fronts!

The scrub also contains fresh coffee grounds which makes the scrub stimulating yet gentle. When I spoke with the creator of Ajana, Jana, she said that she prefers to use freshly brewed coffee grounds, as it is much more hygienic than using waste coffee grounds from coffee shops and she has found that fresh coffee grounds are far more aromatic. Well I can certainly voucher for the aromatic factor - my bathroom smelt like Gloria Jeans for hours after I use the scrub!

It is my opinion that this scrub would make an excellent cellulite treatment, for the reasons mentioned above. Ajana, doesn't actually market it as a cellulite scrub, and, unfortunately, I actually started using the scrub a few times before doing my research. Had I done my research first, like a good little scientist, I would have realised the potential of the scrub as a cellulite treatment and would have taken photos and monitored whether I thought it was effective (though I can't guarantee that I would have published said photos!). Instead, I rushed in like a bull in a china shop, and used up most of my pot before I could evaluate its efficacy as a cellulite treatment. I plan to repeat the trial later in the year, probably when summer is getting closer and I can no longer hide in my trackie daks! So this review will be based on how I liked the scrub.

On first application of the scrub I was actually quite worried that it would stain my skin, like a dodgy fake tan. As you can see from the picture to the left, it is quite dark on application. However, it rinsed off completely and not even stray coffee grounds remained.

The scent is intensely coffee. It is actually quite delicious. But as gorgeous as the scent is, I don't want it to linger on my skin and have to spend the day fending off coffee addicts trying to get a caffeine hit by licking my arm. Thankfully, this was not a problem as the aroma on my skin faded very quickly. Interestingly though, it lasted for hours in my bathroom so I would get a bit of a shock each time I went in there to find it still smelling like a cafe.

The scrub is packed with oils so it left my skin feeling silky soft afterwards, without the need to moisturise. It also was a fantastic pick me up in the mornings. I don't know whether it was the caffeine or simply the act of having a shower, or the stimulation of the scrub massage but throughout the period of the trial my baby was going through a horror sleeping phase, waking multiple times a night. I found this really helped me feel somewhat human again.

The way I used this scrub was to step into the shower and rinse myself, then I turned the water off, rubbed the scrub over my damp skin for a few minutes on each area that I was treating, then I resumed my shower and rinsed it off. Having damp skin meant that the scrub was effective, but not too harsh. For a really intense scrubby experience you could apply it straight onto dry skin. It is quite messy to use so I'd recommend that you used it int eh shower or the bath, though the great thing is that since it is made up of sugar particles, all the mess in your shower dissolves away so you don't need to worry about cleaning your shower after using it.

I was really impressed with this scrub and will definitely be using it again. coming into summer, to see if it works as a cellulite treatment. Jana mentioned that some of her other testers have also found that it is really effective on backne (back acne). This isn't a problem for me, so I can't comment there but this might be a product to keep in mind if backne is a problem for you.

Ajana products are available for order through their Facebook page or from their Etsy store.

If you would like a chance to win one of Ajana's gorgeous scrubs, check out Little Jo's blog as she will be running an amazing competition running to win one!

All opinions stated in this blog are my own. I have no affiliation with Ajana and received no remuneration for my comments. This product was provided for consideration.