Sunday, 28 August 2011

I did my nails! Sportgirl's Nail It in Blue Lagoon

The Crazy Kid usually wakes at around 6.00am. My morning routine is to get him up, give him his milk and breakfast then read the latest blog posts on my iPhone as I wake up. The other day I was reading the Linnaeus Cosmetics - Take Two! post on Don't They Know Who I Am? when I followed a link to her 100 Follower Giveaway. I love competitions so though I'd enter, but when I saw the prize I realised that not only had I entered this comp, I had actually won it a couple of months ago. As I studied the prize I realised that I had completely forgotten about the nail polishes in the prize. I had put them away in my collection and then promptly forgotten all about them. I adore nail polish but it is one thing I struggle to find time to do, these days.

It was hubby's birthday on Thursday and we were due to have a night away from The Crazy Kid on Friday to celebrate; a 3 course dinner, with an overnight stay was booked at Barrenjoey House. But with the two of them being so sick last week, it wasn't until the last minute that we knew whether we'd go ahead with our night out. That meant that I had a very last minute rushed pack on Friday morning. I managed to forget my hair brush, makeup brushes as well as shampoo and conditioner (actually the last two were deliberate - I assumed they'd provide them but they only provided shampoo. So, without conditioner to tame my hair or a brush or comb to neaten it I was rocking some pretty wild hair!). One thing I did remember to throw in was the Sportsgirl Nail It nail polish in Blue Lagoon that I had won in the 100 Follower Giveaway as I knew that, for once, I'd actually have time to do my nails.

I have never used Sportsgirl nail polish before and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I used two coats to cover my nails. If you look really closely there is the odd streak visible so a perfectionist may prefer to do three coats, but I wasn't going to spend my night off from The Crazy Kid doing my nails when I could be down at the bar having a cocktail!

I love the colour - it is a real true turquoise. With a top coat the nail polish has a patent leather look to it. It also is lasting quite well on my fingernails. I painted my nails on Friday and the photo below was taken on Sunday and as yet, no chips.

In recent times I have become a bit of a nail polish snob and have only really used OPI. But at $19.95 each it means that I can only afford to get a new colour every now and then. The Sportsgirl Nail It nail polishes are $7.95 each - much more affordable, especially as the quality is also very good (well, the quality of Blue Lagoon was very good at any rate!).

What are your budget go to nail polish brands?