Friday, 31 August 2012

Kosmetik: The Skincare Range from Romy

I recently introduced you to the Romy range, a toiletries range that was previously only available in hotels but is now being sold to the public. I had discovered this brand whilst holidaying in Palm Cove. The hotel I was staying supplied the Eucalyptus and Lemongrass range and I was shocked at just how nice it was - hotel toiletries are never nice!

What I didn't know at the time was that Romy also has a skincare line called Kosmetik. Each product in this range contain extracts from the Australian botanicals Quandong & Lilly Pilly. According to New Directions, Quandong fruit has a very high vitamin C content (higher than oranges) and so was also used for its medicinal properties to treat skin sores, boils and aid in the affects of rheumatism. In particular, Quandong extract was well known for its anti bacterial properties. Lilly Pilly is also high in vitamin C and has traditionally been used Lilly Pilly for its great healing and anti bacterial properties. In addition, Lilly Pilly has good astringent properties that improve firmness of the skin, while its high vitamin C and fruit acid content create great anti-ageing effects to keep skin looking radiant and youthful.

When I trial this range I used all products together (although alternated between using the cleanser or scrub).

Kosmetik Facial cleanser RRP $14.99 50ml
What they say: ROMY Facial Cleanser leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types. The Pomegranate extract acts as a powerful antioxidant known to reduce the signs of aging and protect the skin against UV, particularly UV-B rays

What I say: I was a bit surprised by the size of the cleanser, with it being only 50ml. Cleansers usually come in larger volumes than this. However, as soon as I used it I realised this wasn't going to be a problem - this is the thickest gel cleanser that I have ever used which means that only a tiny blob is needed for each use. I actually always use this cleanser with my Konjac sponge (review to come) so I only needed to use a pea sized blob. I found that it cleansed my face effectively yet did not dry it out at all and there was no hint of tightness or squeekiness after use. It has a very pleasant, yet subtle herbally scent. I really enjoyed using this cleanser.

Kosmetik Exfoliant RRP $15.99 50ml

What they say: ROMY Exfoliant uses the crushed stems of Bamboo to gently exfoliate the skin. The Jojoba Seed Oil helps to cleanse the pores and the Macadamia Nut Oil soften the skin. Quandong and Lilly Pilly extracts further enhance this wonderful exfoliant.

What I say: This is a very gentle scrub suitable for daily use. I generally prefer my scrubs to be more scrubby - ie I'd rather use them once or twice a week and have a more intensive scrub experience. This would be perfect for someone who needs something with more oomph than a standard cleanser. The creamy based is lovely and the scrub particles are smooth so they don't scratch the skin at all. After using this exfoliant my skin felt thoroughly clean, beautifully soft and supple. Again, this is not at all drying.

Kosmetik Facial Toner Spray RRP $15.00 50ml
What they say: Romy Facial Toner refreshes, smoothes and illuminates the skin. The natural astringents clean the residue, dead cells and oil, improving tone, circulation and reducing the impact of fine lines. The natural extracts including Chamomile and Pomegranate heals and soothes.

What I say: I have to admit that that I am not much of a toner user. I personally don't see the point of them. My toner aversion aside, this is actually quite a beautiful spray. It smells lovely - kind of delicately floral with faint herbal hints. The spray nozzle is absolutely perfect for giving a light spritz to the face. For the purpose of the trial I did use it as a typical toner - I spritzed it onto a cotton pad and wiped any cleanser residue off. It felt nice doing this and it wasn't at all drying or stingy like some toners can be. However, I can see myself getting more use out of this as a hydrating spritzer throughout the day rather than a toner. I will keep it beside my computer to give my face a moisture boost when I am spending long hours on the computer.

Kosmetik Day & Night Cream RRP $39.99 50ml

What they say: ROMY Day & Night Cream is a rapidly absorbing moisturizer. Its active ingredients include Vitamin B5, which conditions and repairs, and Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and is thought to have anti-aging properties. The Day & Night Cream also contains Quandong & Lilly Pilly extracts for their Vitamin C benefits and Nettle extract known for it's nourishing and toning qualities.

What I say: This was a rapidly absorbing moisturiser - within minutes of applying it, the moisturiser had completely absorbed into my skin. It was non-greasy and left my skin feeling well moisturised and also firmer and tighter - in a good lifting kind of way. It doesn't contain SPF so I had to apply sunscreen on top, but the plus about that is it meant that the product could be used both day and night. This is a very nice moisturiser that really suited my normal to slightly oily skin.

Kosmetik Eye Serum RRP $35.99 30ml

What they say: ROMY Eye Serum is for frequent use and contains Chamomile and Aloe Vera, which gently cool and soothe the sensitive eye skin. Quandong & Lilly Pilly extracts included in the formulation contain high concentrations of Vitamin C that can promote healing and skin regeneration

What I say: I loved this eye cream! Actually, it really is an eye gel. It felt very refreshing to apply and then instantly firmed up my under eye area. I used to have great skin tone around my eyes but between feeding Kiki during the night then dealing with The Crazy Kid during the day I am the tiredest that I have ever been and it is really showing in my eyes. I can't say that this serum completely eradicated my (not so) fine lines - only 15 hours of uninterrupted sleep will do that - but it definitely left the area feeling firmer and refreshed and it did make me feel more awake after I applied it.

I enjoyed using the Romy Kosmetik range. It left my skin feeling firmer, tighter and refreshed, and in my currently sleepy haze it is exactly what I needed! This range can be purchased online from the Romy website.
What do you use to give the illusion that you are not chronically sleep deprived?
All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. These products were provided for consideration.