Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guest reviews required to trial skincare ranges

I have been sent some products to trial that are not suitable for my skin type so I need some guest reviewers to trial them for me. I have quite specific criteria for what I need in my reviewers so please only apply if you are fit the criteria and are willing to fully comply with the trial. I really want to know whether these products work so I need you to use them as per their directions  (ie use the cleanser morning and night, day cream in the morning, night cream at night etc). I will provide a routine to the triallers of what I want you to do throughout the trial. I have a few rules:

  • I will be providing you with a complete skin care range. I ask that you only use this range during the trial. If you have a specialty product you need to use, still apply as it may be fine to use (ie you might apply to trial the anti-ageing range but need to use a pimple treatment product - that is fine I just don't want you using another anti-ageing product during the trial)
  • If you are currently trialling products let me know when that trial ends - I need my reviewers to use this range for one month. 
  • Once you start your trial I ask that you don't trial any other facial skin are products until you are finished; however, makeup is fine - if in doubt check
  • You are free to wear your normal makeup and sunscreen throughout the trial 
  • I really want before and after photos for the reviews. They don't have to show your full face - whatever you are comfortable with. Have a look at the photos in this guest review. They are perfect for what I need.
  • Must be an Australian resident
I need guest reviewers to trial:

An acne range
  • any age
  • problematic skin (at least moderate acne - not just one or two pimples)
  • you can be on oral acne treatments but if you are also using topical acne treatments I ask that you stop using them for this trial

A skin maintenance range
  • aged in your 20's
  • your main skin concern is maintaining hydration

An age maintenance range
  • aged in your 40's
  • have concerns about wrinkles and uneven skin tone/discolouration

If you are interested in trialling one if these ranges please either comment below or send me an email letting me know your age, what your skin is like and which range you'd like to trial. If you are interested in trialling the acne range, I'd love it if you could email me a photo of your skin but that is not compulsory to apply.

If you don't fit into any of the categories for this trial but are interested in trialling products (and it doesn't necessarily have to be skin care) please comment/email me with your age and skin type and I will store your details for future trials (I currently have a ridiculous amount of products that I have dreams of reviewing but not enough body parts to apply them to do could do with some help!).

I'll accept applications until Wed 8th Sep and then will choose my reviewers that night.