Saturday, 25 August 2012

Gelicious Hybrid Gel Nail Colour swatch: Yacht Race + Pedi-Sox review

It seems that Friday night has become my Gelicious manicure night with this being the third week in a row I have done my nails (if you missed my previous two mani's, here is Watermelon Gelato and Afterglow). However, as my Afterglow manicure was still chip free and looking great, I decided that I would give myself a pedicure and swatch my toenails instead. 
As I was getting ready to paint my nails, part of me was thing 'Stuff it. It's too cold, I don't want to take my socks off'. Then I remembered that I had some Pedi-Sox waiting to be reviewed. Pedi-Sox are a toe-less sock that were developed to encourage pedicures during the colder months. When I was first contacted to review them, I have to admit that I thought that they were a bit gimmicky and I couldn't really see myself using them. However, I have now been converted. I probably wouldn't have bothered painting my toenails as I didn't want my feet to get cold. Instead, the Pedi-Sox kept my feet nice and warm (although my toes were a little cold). In fact, I ended up leaving them on and sleeping in them! I am not sure whether I would take them to a salon with me. Though, I suppose if the weather was particularly feral it would be nice to be able to wear something warmer than thongs home (thongs are what we call flip flops in Australia - I am NOT referring to a g-string! ). However, I could see myself using them year round at home. If my feet were looking dry and disgusting, I could smother them in moisturiser and pop the socks on for a real at home pedicure experience without any mess. It is parenting Murphy's Law that as soon as I put moisturiser onto my feet, Crazy or Kiki would need me for some reason - with these socks I could still attend to their needs without making a mess in the process.
My tootsies being kept toasty warm in my Pedi-Sox
This was the first time that I used my Gelicious UV lamp for a pedicure and I am pleased to say that there was plenty of room in there for my toes - even when I had toe dividers on.

It seems that all Gelicious nail colours are really difficult to accurately capture in a photograph and Yacht Race was no exception. On my toes it looks navy blue. I couldn't photograph it to appear any other colour. But in reality it is a deep royal purple blue with subtle gold flecks throughout. I also painted one finger to try and get a truer representation of the colour (although I was lazy and just painted over Afterglow so perhaps it might not be completely true). I have taken a whole heap of photos but cannot capture the purple hue that I see in real life but hopefully you get a bit of an idea of the colour. I actually don't think that 'Yacht Race' is the best name for this colour - 'Yacht Race' conjures up images of a more greeny blue oceanic colour. If I were to name this one I'd call it 'Galaxy' as the deep blue purple with the gold flecks reminds me of images I have seen of the milky way!
Yacht race has great intensity. Two coats is all you need for total opacity. I love this colour on my hands and I will definitely get plenty of wear out of it. Its not a colour that I tend to wear on my toes - I usually go for paler colours like pinks and metallics on my toes - but I am not minding it. It seems more of a wintery colour to me, though could look quite striking if worn with white sandals or thongs. Actually, it would look amazing worn with gold sandals.







I have now swatched all the Gelicious colours I have so I think I will have to invest in some more. I am completely in love with how good the colours look and how well the manicures are lasting without chipping, especially with what I put my nails through. I am also really enjoying my Friday night manicure ritual. Now that I have tested all of my colours, next Friday I will do a full review of the whole process, going through application tips that I have learnt along the way as well as the removal process.

Of the three colours that I have swatched so far (Yacht Race, Watermelon Gelato and Afterglow), which is your favourite? Mine is Afterglow - I find this one to be the most wearable, although I do love the other two colours as well!

What are your thoughts on the Pedi-Sox? Would you use them? Would you wear them in public?

Pedi-Sox can be purchased here in Australia or here if you are overseas.

The Gelicious lamp and polishes can be purchased here.

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. These  products were provided for consideration.