Friday, 17 August 2012

Gelicious Hybrid Gel Nail Colour swatch: Afterglow

This morning I posted a pic on my Facebook Page on how my Watermelon Gelato Gelicious manicure was looking after a week. At this stage it was still completely chip free; however, I did end up getting my first chip later in the day (whilst opening a Coke). I have to admit that part of me was secretly glad I got a chip as I have been dying to try out one of my other colours plus my nails had become talons so I really wanted to cut them. We also have a family photo shoot planned for tomorrow so I thought that I should probably have a slightly more subtle colour on my nails. So I decided to use Afterglow, a super sparkly silver, as my next Gelicious manicure.

I applied the polish too thickly when I did my Watermelon Gelato manicure, and this can accelerate lifting and chipping of the polish. So this time I made sure to apply each layer very thinly. I actually used three really thin coats rather than the two thicker ones I did with the Watermelon Gelato. This meant that it didn't have that Shellac/Acrylic look to it so I applied a second coat of the top coat and this thickened it up nicely.

What are you thinking of the Gelicious colours so far? I have to say that I am pretty much sold. I did a much better job of applying it this time so it will be interesting to see if it lasts the two weeks...though I really want to test Yacht Race so it might get removed next Friday anyway!!

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. This product was provided for consideration.