Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub and Daily Defense SPF15

Fathers Day is this Sunday (2nd of September) so I have recruited my father, Camper (as nicknamed by The Crazy Kid who can't quite say Grandpa yet!) to review a couple of Dermalogica products for me.

A little bit of background on Camper - Camper is 61 and is of the generation of men who were not exposed to beauty products so did little more to their skin than shave it and perhaps splash a little after shave on. Camper is also an avid swimmer who notches up around 7km a day (in fact he is off to Hawaii on Friday to compete in an ocean swim!) so his skin is really put through its paces.

You might be surprised to learn that Camper isn't actually a beauty blogger himself. In fact, when I asked him what skin type he had, he looked at me funny and said Caucasian! As he has never had to describe his skin type before I guess this was a fair enough answer! Camper is asthmatic and has a few allergies. I learnt at a Dermalogica  info night that there is a link between allergies and sensitive skin so Camper most likely has sensitive skin.

I had Camper trial the Daily Defense Block and the Daily Clean Scrub.

Daily Defense Block RRP $56.00 100ml

What they say: This multi-tasking daytime lotion is the perfect finish to your Shave routine. Lightweight, non-greasy formula effectively conditions and enhances skin's protective barrier, which is critical post-shave. Extracts help fight ingrown hairs, breakouts, and skin-aging free radicals as non-greasy conditioners absorb fast for a shine free finish. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

The Daily Defense Block can be purchased here.

Daily Clean Scrub RRP $43.00 120ml

What they say: Clear the way for a super-close shave with this beard-lifting cleanser and scrub, containing micro-fine Silica beads to help remove oil and dulling skin cells. Lather cleans deep to help keep pores clear and minimize ingrown hairs. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.The Daily Clean Scrub can be purchased here.
As Camper is not a beauty blogger, I decided to interview him on his thoughts of the two Dermalogica products that he trialled.
Did you enjoy using the products/did you like how the felt on your skin?
I wouldn't say enjoy but they were easy to use. Apart from shaving cream I usually wouldn't be bothered with using any other treatments.

Was it easy to incorporate them into your usual routine?
Yes - although did take a bit longer

Was the Daily Defense Block non-greasy as they claim?
It felt greasy at first but then it rubbed in easily and didn't feel greasy after that. My hands felt greasy after putting it on so I had to wash them.

Did the Daily Clean Scrub make shaving any easier?
I thought so - the blade felt like it was gliding over my skin rather than pulling it.

Did you notice any improvement in either the appearance or feel of your skin after using the Daily Clean Scrub and the Daily Defense Block, especially after swimming?
My skin appears to be clearer and less irritated with fewer ingrown hairs but perhaps that just my imagination.

Would you like to receive products such as these for Fathers Day?
In lieu of nuts, chocolates, sweets and ginger - NO; in lieu of underwear and hankies - YES!

So there you have it, if your Dad is anything like Camper then he would be happy receiving these products for Fathers Day as long as you remember to get him a Darrell Lea Dads Bag as well!

Just a heads up, Dermalogica currently have a promotion where you can received 20% off if you purchase two or more products from the shave range. Hurry, this ends 1st September.

Have you already got your Fathers Day gifts sorted?

All opinions are mine and Camper's own and we received no remuneration for this post. These products were provided to Camper for consideration.