Saturday, 11 August 2012

Gelicious Hybrid Gel Nail Colour swatch: Watermelon Gelato

My Gelicious Kit arrived yesterday and I had to play with it straight away (well, once Kiki and The Crazy Kid had gone to bed)! I received three colours to trial and decided, since it has been such a shit winter and I am totally over it, that I would take the deliciously summery Watermelon Gelato for a test drive! Watermelon Gelato is part of their 99% Fat Free Fluoros range. This is a hot, hot, hot pink with the slightest orange hue to it. I can see me getting a stack of wear out of it in the spring and summer months. The colour is better in real life than what is displayed on their website. This is much more fluoro.

I applied two coats of colour plus one of top coat and found that it gave me smooth, uniform colour. It is not 100% opaque - the underneath of my nails was dirty (thanks to a painting sesh with The Crazy Kid) and I can sort of see this through the colour. I think I might invest in their base coat to see whether this helps the colour to become more opaque and not show my dirty nails through!

Application was no more difficult than with normal nail polish although I did have one little mishap (though this was entirely operator fault and not a Gelicious issue). Kiki had a bit of a rough day yesterday and woke unexpectedly for a feed at 9.00pm when I was half way through my second hand. I had just finished applying the second coat so I made Hubby deal with her whilst I quickly cured the coat under the UV lamp. Though the second coat was cured, it was still sticky (this is normal and is mentioned in the instructions) so when I put Kiki back to bed some fibres from her lambskin rug stuck to the nail. I should have wiped them off with acetone but in my impatience to finish I painted over them instead. Unfortunately, this has left my right hand looking a little lumpy but a valuable lesson was learnt: Don't paint over pieces of fluff. Remove them first! The massive plus was, had I been applying normal nail polish I would not have been able to pick Kiki up for at least 5 minutes without wrecking my manicure - with Gelicious I could quickly cure them in one minute and they were essentially dry, manicure saved!

So far I am impressed; however, I will wait to do a full review of Gelicious until I have seen how long it lasts before chipping, how easy it is to remove and until I have had a second attempt at applying it to perfect my technique a little more. The purpose of this post was more to swatch the colour. It wasn't an easy colour to photograph as it is so's almost like it hurt my camera's eyes with its brightness! I have taken 4 photos - the first two in daylight and the third and fourth were taken last night so in low light. Hopefully this gives you a good idea how the colour looks.

What do you think of Watermelon Gelato - would you wear it? Have you studied the other Gelicious colours available? If so, which ones are on your wishlist? As I mentioned in my original Gelicious post, they currently have a sale where you can buy 3 colours and get the fourth one free - so that is 4 colours for $87. If the polishes pass the chip free for two weeks test I am going to buy another 4 (it's my birthday next month so this will be my present to myself!). These are the colours that I have on my wishlist (need to cull one!):
  • To Help girly pink from the Breast Cancer Awareness range
  • Tiara Tantrum sparkly yellow gold from the Commoner Done Good range
  • Lights out sparkly black from the Shag on a Rug range
  • Curiosity Does Mars sparkly pale pink - new colour
  • Fake Tan sparkly brown - Spring into Action range (I usually steer well clear of browns but this looks like it might have some blue shimmers in it)

I also have Afterglow from the Shag by the Fire range and Yacht Race from the Boxing Day range to swatch - which one would you like to see next?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. This product was provided for consideration.