Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The 12 Giveaways of Christmas

I bloody love Christmas so much. It is just such a happy time of the year. The closer it gets, the more excited I get much to the annoyance of those around me. But it would be dangerous to my health to try and suppress such excitement as it would more than likely violently explode out of me!
A few years ago we got a real Christmas tree for Christmas. It was messy as, but the whole house stunk of Christmas - it was glorious! I wanted to get one every year but hubby said not until we have kids. Last year was The Crazy Kid's first Christmas. It turns out that he became my real Christmas tree - every day of December, in the lead up to Christmas, I decorated him in a new Christmas outfit and posted it on Facebook. By the time Christmas rolled around, Crazy had a rather large and loyal Facebook following, all eagerly waiting to see what crazy outfit he would turn up in each day! Below are a select few of my favourites. I plan to do it again this year, whilst I can still get away with it, so make sure that you follow my Facebook page to keep up to date with the craziness!

I love everything about Christmas - the food; the decorations - its a sparkle-fest in our house; the heat - whilst a white Christmas might be traditional, I love nothing more than a stinking hot Christmas where you spend the morning swimming or eating mangoes in the sun before enjoying the traditional roast along with a seafood feast for lunch; and of course I love the presents! Naturally, I do prefer receiving the presents; however, I get a huge amount of pleasure in giving out presents. Which brings me to the giveaways!

This year, through winning competitions, hauls from events such as ABBW and from reviewing products I have received a ton of products. The downside to that? Well, this Christmas Santa is not going to give me any beauty products. Unfortunately he thinks that I have enough already. I am not so sure whether there is such thing as enough, but unfortunately once he has made his mind up about something it is near impossible to change it (plus, I am going to Hawaii in Feb so I will be doing some serious hauling there!). So, I have decided that it is you guys who will receive the beauty gifts this Christmas. I plan on running a series of giveaways, starting this weekend, on a whole range of products I love. At this stage I am not sure how many giveaways there will be - I know the title says 12 but that's more about the song than the actual number - but I promise that I will squeeze in as many as is humanly possible and you never know, I might just make it to 12!

What you need to do? At this stage nothing, but keep checking back here regularly. I will post a buttong in my sidebar (see below) using the image in the post and each time a new giveaway goes live I will enter the link into this post with the date that it is open until. Make sure that you have subscribed to this blog and are following me on Facebook and on Twitter, that way you won't miss any of my amazing giveaways!

The Giveaways!!

On the first giveaway of Christmas the Science of Beauty gave to me....

Some gorgeous handmade Japanese skincare from Okoii
  • Competition CLOSED
Winners (announced here):
    1st prize: aliciaraul

    2nd prize: keppers (redrawn due to lack of contact)
2nd place redraw:


On the second giveaway of Christmas the Science of Beauty gave to me....

 The most amazing book that answers every single beauty related question I have ever had
  • Competition close
Winner (announced here):
    kerry santillo
On the third giveaway of Christmas the Science of Beauty gave me...

A fabulous pack or 100% organic makeup from NVEY ECO
  • Competition open until 8.00pm AEST 12/12/2011. Open world wide.

What are you hoping that I giveaway this Christmas?