Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Jurlique Aromatherapy Facial: Bliss to the MAX

Last week, I escaped the mortal world for 1 hour and visited Heaven, in the guise of a Jurlique Aromatherapy facial. There are two types of facials - ones that do wonders for problematic skin but are quite harsh and rather unpleasant to undertake; or ones that are so relaxing that you struggle to stay awake and once it is over you float out of the treatment room. The Jurlique Aromatherapy facial most definitely fell into the latter category.
The facial started off with an interview - I was booked in to have an Aromatherapy Facial and the interview was to determine which facial would be most suitable. My therapist asked me a range of questions including what products I am currently using, any skin concerns I have and what I hope to get out of the facial. I thought my main skin concern was the pregnancy related hormonal acne I was getting on my chin. At the time, it actually wasn't too bad - just a few bumps, but it was what was annoying me the most. The therapist analysed my skin and stated that she thought it was dehydrated from over exfoliation. She quizzed me on how often I was exfoliating and what cleanser I was using. I had been using my Clarisonic brush every second day, plus was using a scrub weekly. In addition, I had also been using the Jurlique Purely White Foaming Cleanser - what I didn't realise was that this cleanser contains enzymes that also exfoliate the skin - so I was well and truly over exfoliating. This had left my skin feeling papery and looking dehydrated so she suggested that it was a Replenishing Facial that my skin needed most. The following is a description of the various Aromatherapy facials that Jurlique offer:

Our signature Jurlique facial is focused on targeting your skin’s individual rebalancing needs. By releasing the living energy of our plants through warm aromatherapy preparations, uplift your senses, and restore balance to your mind and skin. Allow our skin care experts to customise your treatment with the selection of your favourite essential oil aromas and the best product solution for your skin care concerns.
  • Clarifying Facial – Deep cleanse and clarify the skin. An ideal treatment for oily, blemished and troubled skin.
  • Balancing Facial – Hydrate, balance and revitalise combination skin.
  • Replenishing Facial – Deeply replenish skin moisture and refresh the complexion. Ideal treatment for dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Soothing Facial – Calm and nurture sensitive and delicate skin.

To commence the facial, the therapist sprayed the Rosewater Freshener into the air and got me to inhale deeply before cleansing my skin. I adore the Rosewater Freshener so this simple first step instantly relaxed me and really set the scene for the facial ahead.

My skin was then cleansed, not once but twice - firstly with the Replenishing Foaming Cleanser then again with the Daily Exfoliating Cream.  Afterwards, came the absolutely best part of the facial - in fact this was the best part of any facial that I have ever had. The therapist applied a generous amount of the Skin Balancing Face Oil and massaged my face for what felt like 20 minutes. I am not entirely sure how long it went for as I couldn't see my watch but it was definitely a generous amount of time. The Skin Balancing Face Oil is absolutely heavenly. It smells utterly amazing - it is hands down one of, if not the best smelling product that I have ever used. It is a floral mixture that, to me, smelt like jasmine but it doesn't actually have any jasmine in it. It really is divine and the massage left me floating. The therapist then applied a mask, without first removing the oil. I commented afterwards about this and she said that it would be a waste to remove the oil and that it is actually recommended to be used under masks to enhance their performance.

The mask that was used on me was the Nurturing mask and this felt lovely and cooling on my skin. Although it is a clay based mask, it is not one that dries and cracks on your skin so at all times it felt very gentle, which was exactly what my over exfoliated skin needed. One pet hate I have with facials is when the therapist puts a mask on my face and then leaves the room for 20 minutes whilst the mask 'works its magic'. I always feel slightly ripped off by this. Well, you will be please to know that this didn't happen during my Jurlique facial. Whilst the mask was on, I got an amazing hand and arm massage. My hands are currently tingling as I have flashbacks to the massage. I didn't think that it was possible but, at this point, I became even more deeply relaxed.

The mask was removed with hot towels and then more good stuff was applied to my skin. I must have slipped into a nearly comotosed relaxed state by this point because I am not entirely sure what was put on my skin. I believe a serum, though not sure which one, and eye cream and the Love Balm was applied to my lips - this was a lovely touch as I have never had any attention paid to my lips in a facial. Finally, the Moisture Replenishing Day Cream was applied and my facial was over...well, nearly. The therapist gave me one last quick head massage before leaving the room so I could get changed.

I thought my skin would look really oily but instead it glowed with a luminosity I have not seen in ages. In my first pregnancy and in this one I never achieved the glowing skin people rave about - it took a Jurlique facial to bring it out! My skin looked so soft and every little dehydration line had been ironed out of my skin. To my surprise, even my hormonal acne had dramatically decrease, even though the facial wasn't specifically targeting that. I had entered the facial with 3 or 4 red bumps that were about 3mm in diameter - nothing too bad but still annoying - and excited with only tiny pin prick sized red dots.

This was honestly the best facial that I have ever had, and I have had quite a few in my time. It was both intensely relaxing which, with being pregnant and having to chase around an extremely active toddler, was exactly what I needed. But, as well as being relaxing, it was also so incredibly beneficial to my skin. One week on and it is still looking hydrated, only one hormonal spot has returned and the glow is still radiating strongly (I was at a wedding on the weekend and got a couple of compliments about how good my skin was looking!). I have mentioned this before, but fragrance is very important to me in skincare and every single product used in the facial smelt absolutely amazing. That really added to the euphoric feeling I was experiencing - aromatherapy really is powerful stuff!

If you are stuck for a Christmas gift for someone who has everything, then I can't recommend this facial any more highly. Or, if you know someone who really needs pampering, this would be absolutely ideal for them. The Aromatherapy Facial costs $105 for 60 minutes although there are a whole range of facials that you can choose from in their Spa Menu. One other brilliant thing about this experience was that I was not pressured to buy any products afterwards. I was actually not planning on purchasing anything as I have a ridiculous amount of products as it is, but I knew that I could not continue through life without having the Skin Balancing Face Oil! Since the facial, I have been using it morning and night, so perhaps this has helped prolong my post facial glow.

Now, my only is concern is working out how I can manage to have one of these facials each week for the rest of my life!

Are you a fan of facials? What has been your greatest ever facial/spa experience?

All opinions stated in this blog are my own. I have no affiliation with Jurlique. This facial was provided for consideration.