Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Some Christmas ideas from Decleor and Priori

One of the things I love most about Christmas is all the beauty gift packs that come out. These packs are always amazing value and they give you the opportunity to try a range of products from a brand. Decleor and Priori haven't let us down in these stakes.

Decleor are offering two different packs - I have my eyes on the soothing and hydrating travel pack as I have heard good things about the Aromessence Neroli serum and balm. I haven't used Decleor products before but I had a Decleor facial a couple of years ago that was out of this world amazing. The products used in my facial smelt absolutely gorgeous and I left the facial feeling quite euphoric, I didn't buy anything that day as I had other products to get through, and I guess things still haven't changed, but they are definitely lodged firmly near the top of my wish list!

The two packs are:

Anti-ageing travel pack (RRP $49, valued at $106)
Cleansing milk face and eyes 75ml
Aromessence Excellence serum 5ml
Aromessence Excellence regenerating night balm 5ml
Natural exfoliating cream 15ml

Soothing and hydrating travel pack (RRP $49, valued at $106)
Cleansing milk face and eyes 75ml
Aromessence Neroli serum 5ml
Aromessence Neroli essential balm 5ml
Hdra Floral Anti-polution moisturising mask 15ml

Priori also have a pack available especially for Christmas. I used Priori products in the lead up to my wedding and, whilst expensive, they really did leave my skin looking perfect (though I was 27 so no fine lines or wrinkles yet and still on the pill so no hormonal issues so I really did have a good canvas to work with!).

The Priori Christmas pack contains:

Priori Travel Pack (RRP $60)
Advanced AHA gentle facial cleanser 75ml
Advanced AHA invigorating face and body scrub 75ml

To find a stockist near you go to www.spauniverse.com.au.

What beauty gift packs have you got your eyes on this Christmas? Will you be getting a Christmas beauty gift pack for a love one or asking Santa for one?

All opinions stated in this blog are my own. I have no affiliation with Decleor or Priori and received no remuneration for my comments.