Saturday, 16 July 2011

Well, hot dog! We have a weiner!! Jurlique Giveaway Announced!!

Image from Denouement

Hooray!! It's time to announce the winner of my first blog giveaway. Now I need to apologise for my blog title. I heard this line on Bart Gets an Elephant  episode of The Simpson's, nearly 20 years ago now. I found it funny then and I still think that it is funny now, so please indulge me while I have a little giggle to myself. If you want a little trip down memory lane, here's the transcript from that segment of the episode:

Marty: Let's try one more number.
Homer: Y'ello?
Bart: [grabs phone] KBBL is going to give me something stupid!
Marty: Well, hot dog! We have a weiner! [car alarm noise]
Homer: [grasping air] Y'ello?
Bart: I won, I won!
Marty: You win your choice of $10,000 or -- what's our gag prize this
       week, Bill?
Bill: [raucous] A full-grown African Elephant!
Bart: Well, all that money sounds mighty tempting, Marty, but I think
       I'm going to have to go with the elephant.
Homer: [to Marge, happily] He's taking the elephant instead of the
Marty: [whispering] The kid wants the elephant!
Bill: We don't have an damn elephant.
Marty: Don't whisper into the mike!
Bill: Ahem, kid, the elephant's a gag prize.  Nobody takes the gag
       prize.  [nervous laughter] You want the cash.
Bart: [indignant] I want the elephant!
Homer: Heh, heh, stick it to the man!
(I got the transcript from here)

Ok, enough blabber. Before I announce the winner, I just want to thank everyone for entering my giveaway and for supporting my blog. I am really loving my new hobby and am so grateful to have such lovely followers. I have checked through all of the entries and there were 40 valid entries. I entered the values into and it spat out:

So...who was number 5?? Well, it was none other than:

Congratulations lucinda_fraser27!! I have emailed you to get your postal address and need you to respond within two days otherwise I may have to draw another winner.

Thanks, once again, everyone for entering. And if you didn't win this time don't dispair. I have another giveaway line up to go live in a couple of weeks and this one will be open to international followers!! So stay tuned!!

Finally, a huge thanks to the gorgeous people at Jurlique and Torstar Communications for allowing me to run this giveaway!