Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lancôme Visionnaire [LR2412] Correcting Polishing Cream Review

A few weeks ago I told you about a Lancôme media briefing that I attended. One of the products that we were introduced to was the new addition to the Visionnaire [LR2412] line, the Correcting Polishing Cream. This product was designed to compliment the Lancôme's Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector serum. The Visionnaire serum contains 4% of the active ingredient LR 2412 whereas the Polishing Cream contains 2%. This is because it also contains active ingredients to polish, or exfoliate, the skin.

I described the Lancôme's Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector, and in particular the science behind it, in greater detail last year (see here if you missed it). In brief, Lancôme claimed that: Wrinkles erased, unevenness and redness reduced, pores tightened: a very beautiful skin, even before make-up. This was achieved through a mixture of silicones and light reflecting particles which instantly leave the skin looking more even plus the active ingredients LR 2412, adenosine and jasmonic acid which work to slow down cell turnover allowing damaged cells to be repaired.

In my original article, I published this statement from Lancôme: LR 2412, the 1st molecule of our Research Laboratories designed to “self-propel” throughout all of skin’s layers, it reprograms the skin to “auto-correction” mode. This statement has often troubled me as I never knew how companies could make that claim - I highly doubted that volunteers would allow their skin to be biopsied to prove a cosmetic was actually penetrating through all layers. At the media briefing I was able to ask how exactly did they know that it penetrates through all of the skin's layers. It turns out that L'Oreal (parent company of Lancôme) have developed a model that replicates the barrier effect of skin, and they can use this to determine how far ingredients are able to penetrate through the various layers of the skin.

What they say about Lancôme Visionnaire [LR2412] Correcting Polishing Cream: Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412] Correcting Polishing Cream helps correct the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while reducing the appearance of pores. The cream retexturises the skin and polishes away any imperfections to reveal a refined and smooth skin texture. The clarity and transparency of the skin is magnified. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin and includes a polishing pad.

What I say: Firstly, before I describe the cream I need to tell you how to apply it. I know that sounds strange - any idiot knows how to apply a moisturiser - but this one is slightly different. It comes with a nifty little application tool - the polishing pad. I have to admit that I did think that this was a tad gimmicky when I first saw it, but that was until I used the polishing pad. The pad has two sides, a smooth side and a rough side (which you can see in the pictures below). The way I used it was to apply the Lancôme Visionnaire [LR2412] Correcting Polishing Cream to my face after cleansing then massage it in with the rough side of the tool to enhance the polishing effect. It provided the most delightful massage. I am quite sleep deprived at the moment (thanks to my beautiful little Kiki) and I find that when I am tired I am much more sensitive to touch - a head massage feels so much more pleasurable, orgasmic really, and this paddle is having a similar effect on my face. And, because it feels so good, I actually do use it every night - in fact I look forward to the ritual of massaging in the cream.

You can see below the polishing pad that comes with the cream. Apparently, it is ergonomically designed for ease of use. You use the large end on the forehead, chin and cheeks and the small end on the harder to get to areas of the face such as around the nose.

The Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector serum and Polishing Cream can be used together; however, I had run out of the serum so this review is of the polishing cream on it's own. If I did have both, then I would have used the serum on it's own (under moisturiser) in the morning and then the serum + the polishing cream at night. In this instance I just used the polishing cream at night and my normal moisturiser in the morning.

The Visionnaire Polishing Cream was actually a lot lighter in texture than I was expecting and this is a good thing. It is not a thick, heavy cream but a lovely smooth light one. It sunk into my skin almost instantly. My skin felt really soft to touch and the light reflecting particles gave it the most wonderful natural looking glow. It really did leave my skin looking radiant.

The positive effects this cream had on my face were instant. The day after I had used this cream for the first time, my skin still felt really soft and plump, even without applying moisturiser. After 3 weeks of use my skin is definitely looking plumper, more radiant and I think that some of the pigmentation I got during my recent pregnancy has begun to fade (though perhaps this is also due to there no longer being gallons of pregnancy hormones coursing through my system). The crepey fine lines I had been noticing on my cheeks have vanish, although the smile lines around my mouth are still evident (must cut back on smiling and channel my inner Victoria Beckham if I want those lines to disappear!!).

After 3 weeks of using this cream I agree with just about all the claims made, that is that the cream helps correct the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while reducing the appearance of pores; retexturises the skin and polishes away any imperfections to reveal a refined and smooth skin texture. The clarity and transparency of the skin is magnified. The only area I haven't noticed an improvement in is the appearance of my pores; however, I have been quite lazy with my skincare routine since Kiki was born so mypores are quite congested. Hopefully, if I can get on to of the congestion, their apearance will be reduced.

At $AU145 for 50ml this cream is on the expensive side; however, I have noticed positive result after using it for a short time. If you are looking for plump, radiant glowing skin then give this a try as that is exactly what I have achieved after 3 weeks of use.

The Visionnaire [LR2412] Correcting Polishing Cream is being release onto counters in Australia and Asia on 29th July 2012 and retails for $AU145 for 50ml.

What do you think of the polishing pad - genius or gimmicky? Are you planning on giving the Visionnaire [LR2412] Correcting Polishing Cream a test drive?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. This product was provided for consideration.