Sunday, 1 July 2012

Posts you may have missed: makeup, makeup, makeup

As I mentioned last week, I saw on Sara-May's blog, Makeup Utopia, that she does a recap each Sunday of posts you may have missed during the week. I thought that this was a brilliant idea so have decided to steal incorporate this idea for my blog. However, rather than recapping posts that I have done in the last week I will try to group together posts of a similar theme. This is because there will be some weeks where I only manage to achieve one post and that will look a little pathetic sitting there all on its own!

I was so excited to hear this week that Lush is releasing a makeup range that I have decided to make this week's recap all about makeup.

I will start with the huge news that Lush is releasing a makeup range: Emotional Brilliance. This is a totally new concept in makeup - makeup to suit your psychological needs. All the colours are laid out on a wheel which you then spin. The three colours that jump out at you first are the colours that you are subconsciously craving. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it! I'm not sure whether I will go by what is on the wheel or just buy the colours I love - we will have to see come July 21st when the range is released!

Some other exciting news that I have been writing about is that Sephora might be coming to Australia. I first published the rumour that they would be coming here back in Feb after I heard it from sales staff in Hawaii. This post created a lot of interest with many different people piping in with the rumours that they have heard, so I then wrote an update post compiling all these rumours so that we can assess whether they are likely to be true. I really hope so but am not too sure...

I was so surprised to hear that there was such thing as an organic makeup range, but there is - NVEY ECO! Here I review their foundation and their eye makeup.

Ever wondered exactly how makeup primers work? Well, it is all explained here. I then went on to investigate whether Face of Australia Face Base and the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Primer were actually identical products in different packaging.

Finally, in the lead up to IMATS last year I got the opportunity to interview some pretty awesome people. I had the most fascinating chat with Donna Mee (we skyped for over 30 minutes!) and found out that her approach to makeup is actually really scientific, then I got to pick Napoleon Perdis's brain and finally I had a talk with Elessa Jade from

If you have any interesting makeup posts, I'd love you to post the link in the comments below!