Friday, 1 June 2012

Introducing Kiki

As you may have noticed I have been very quiet for the last couple of months. Well, I have been busy procreating! Our beautiful daughter, Kiara Isabel (who has already been nicknamed Kiki), was born on 30/4. All is going really well. So far she is incredible chilled out, only ever crying when she wants to catch up with her milky friends again! The Crazy Kid seems to like her, though whether he shares his makeup collection remains to be seen!

I hope to get back into blogging  more regularly as I found it to be a wonderful outlet from the kids! I have a tonne of reviews to share of products I was sent throughout my pregnancy that I was unfortunately just to tired to write about. Fingers crossed Crazy and Kiki are kind to me and don't leave me too tired to write!

As a welcome back to blogging I will be hosting a giveaway this weekend, so check back on Sunday for the details.

Here are a few happy snaps on our new edition!

Fresh baked bub (the moment was ruined seconds later with me
vomitting everwhere - damn anaesthetic!)

The only photo we have managed to get with both Crazy and Kiki in it!

Looks like she loves baths as much as her mum does!

Hopefully Kiki does plenty of this so I can keep up with my blogging!

So, what products would you like to see Kiki reviewing in the near future??!!