Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The acne series: Guest review of Jurlique

It has taken me a while to get around to continuing the acne series that I started last year (due to my pregnancy related hiatus) but better late than never! Here is the second of my series of guest reviews on acne treatment ranges. I recruited Julie from Me, My Best and I to trial some Jurlique products as she has often mentioned her problematic skin on her blog plus after embarking on Natural November she has mostly stuck with natural skincare so this seemed like it could be the perfect range for her to trial. Here is Julie's review:

Popping my Jurlique cherry

So I'm a little ashamed to admit it has taken me so long to get around to trying Jurlique. Australian, natural, globally loved and celebrity accolades? I'm not sure why I snubbed them for so long.

My only experience was for some reason when I used to pinch a pump or two of the Herbal Recovery Gel from a tester in Duty Free mid a long haul flight change and slather it on my face to pep my skin up and mitigate dull skin arrival. Why? Not sure but I've done at on a few flights now and it's part of the random ritual!,

So I was lucky enough thanks to Sarah from Science of Beauty to get my paws on a myriad of the range to test out - no more sneaky Duty Free fly by pumps required.

And what can I say? I’m rather impressed. Overall I've found these products rich, and for the most part concentrated and a really fragrant therapeutic experience.

My favs;

Purifying Cleansing Gel
Lasts an age - I've been using daily in the morning since before Christmas (written as of April) and am not even half way through the pump bottle yet. One teeny pump ( I am partial to  a good pump action) of this tropical and zesty grapefruity and slightly herbal smelling gel, lathers up a treat (naturally sans SLS) for a really clean, refreshed morning face without any tightness. Works even more beautifully with a Clarisonic Mia. Not too foamy but just right.  Anything citrusy in the morning gets a get up and go tick from me plus the fact the bottle seems to go on and on forever gets one more. This also contains soothing rose and calendula, antioxidants green tea and surprise ingredient turmeric. This gel manages to clean and balance without being harsh, ideal in my mind for troubled skin. I do need to call out it does contain some PEGs so not as pure as they make out.....

Lemon-Lime Hydrating Essence
Ok - this could be deemed an entirely unnecessary skincare item and not one I ever would have bought into or bought myself BUT I am now officially hooked. It is a pre-cleanse booster. Quite a unique little product you don't see in many brands and one that lends a DIY spa feel.

You basically add a few drops to a basin of warm water, which seriously amplifies the lemon and limey sensory hit then you use a washer to compress the aromatic water onto your skin - the oils apparently soften and rebalance and pave the way for a better cleanse. I do more deep breathing when compressing and the combo of the aroma and the therapeutic breaths shake off my day and get me relaxed for winding down.

Mentally I adore this ritual and am totally sold on this addition to my skincare routine in the evening. I even save the water to rinse my face post cleanse to get all the skin benefits. My skin has been remarkably balanced with virtually no breakouts since the start of this year. A contributor? Perhaps. Regardless I enjoy it too much now to stop. Sodashi apparently do something similar, I am vowing to try theirs. Arguably you could with a little aromatherapy know how concoct your own version of this. Jurlique carry different blends for different skin types so more to explore.

Herbal Recovery Gel
This is quite a unique little product and another concentrated little goer - again after using two small squirts daily I'm still  only half way through the pump bottle since opening in Dec/Jan (as at April). Neither rich like a serum nor emoliating like a moisturiser. It's a funny little product that just kinda works. I use it in the morning after washing but before moisturiser. You pat this moist dewy gel into skin - its light and fresh but turns a little tacky and sticky before sinking into skin a few minutes later, it makes skin feel plump and fresh but I still crave a moisturiser on top of it. It is orange peel zesty with a rosy floral water sweetness underneath again why I enjoy using in the morning. I can't be sure of any skin condition changes to report but  I enjoy how it feels and smells and makes me feel every morning and look after I’ve patted it on and I am most attached to the ritual of it. My skin is behaving so well right now - this could play a role in that but I'm unsure what or how but it just feels good and right and an extra hydrating boost never hurt anyone did it? (That is a negative ghost writers ! )

Citrus Purifying Mist
Ok two gripes - a glass bottle that is teeny for the price ($24 for 30mls) I am a firm believer that face spritzers should not be overly pricey and should last the distance of a matching cleanser. This teeny bottle failed on both counts. However it redeems itself with it’s fabulous functioning spritzer nozzle - fine and misty yet powerful and covers good surface area with one refreshing little zingy pump. More citrusy zestiness here, even more lemony than the cleansing gel with lemon balm and more grapefruit extract plus aloe and vitamins A, C and E. I love the mist action so much I have been decanting Mukti's Refreshing Floral toner into the empty bottle as it came from a leaky nozzle sub-par spritzer. Not the best value for money as a facial spritz can only do so much but rather enjoyable regardless. They should consider selling cheaper refill options for their beautiful glass bottles.

Clarifying Day Care Lotion
It's light, tick, smells great, tick, dispenses via pump, tick and offers again a delicate and creamy citrusy scent, tick, tick but why me no likey muchymuchy? Don't get me wrong it's fine but fine is just that. Again the glass bottle bums me with its precious heaviness and there is no SPF so I never use during the day then it doesn't seem rich enough at night.  Don't get me wrong it's good for more oilier days as is easily absorbed despite being nourishing with evening primrose, macadamia, jojoba and avocado oils and feels good on skin but I just don't reach for it very much at all. I'm a fussy mare with day creams - they need to have serious bells and whistles to float my boat.

Tinted Blemish Cream
Do not buy if you want something that will conceal and kill spots at same time. The concealing element is minimal, perhaps only taking redness down a degree or two. It is ointment like in texture so takes work to blend (which usually rubs away the tint) It is also pretty pink in tone , fine for my skin but probably not for 90% of the population. Having said all that it makes a good soothing and healing antibacterial aid. I do use it. Just not at night like my powerhouses Mario Badescu Drying Lotion or Mukti Sebogel but in the morning, under make-up as a little extra help for masking and healing any breakouts as it is loaded within essential oils for those specific problems.

Purifying Mask
A curious textured product that squirts from a foil tube which is good for travel but I just find the texture so dry and thick. I need to moisten my hands and face to spread it which just dilutes the clay in some parts and leaves thick blobs on others and I feel like the bitty ( but not exfoliating) texture is just going to flake off. The smell is also a little off putting for me - citrusy but not in the fresh way of the rest of the range, instead a strange orange peel smell but like orange peels left in the garbage and with an ashy sort of hint. A weird mask experience but not in the bitty, smelly, but effective way of Kosmea’s Daily Exfoliant. I can't really get my head round this one but in saying that will throw in my bag for a mask when traveling as it is so light and space saving .......

So Jurlique – how was it for me? Juicy with moments of greatness and a few let downs, but overall would go back for seconds ;)

Some real winners and keepers and some I'd leave on the shelf. I applaud you for your concentrated formulas, focussed on natural goodness and for the most-part beautiful scents and functional packaging (lose the glass purleassee) You do leave me wanting to try more though and I would really really like to give one of the salon facials a try, I say they are a totally tantalizing sensory trip.

Thanks Julie for your indepth review. I just needed to add that I did try a Jurlique salon facial last year and it was hands down the best facial that I have ever had!

 Have you tried Jurlique and if so what did you think? Which acne treatments have worked best for you?

All opinions stated in this blog are my own (or in this case are Julie's). I have no affiliation with Jurlique and received no remuneration for these comments. These products were provided to Julie for her consideration.