Friday, 15 June 2012

A simple step to take when your moisturiser isn't moisturising enough

I have been trialling a moisturiser that promised to reduce pigmentation (review to come in a couple of weeks). The timing was perfect as I ended up with quite bad pigmentation due to my recent pregnancy. It really seemed to be working as my skin has been looking much more even in the last few weeks. There was one problem, however, and it was a big one. I did not find it moisturising enough. My skin was left feeling tight and this feeling was lasting throughout the day. So I was left with a dilemma - do I stick with a moisturiser that is treating my pigmentation but is not moisturising enough or do I ditch it for something more moisturising and leave my pigmentation as it is?

As I was quite impressed with the effect this moisturiser was having on my pigmentation, I decided to add a step to my routine to see if this helped the situation at all. You might recall that I wrote an article on why jojoba is so good for the skin. Jojoba is regarded as the oil that most closely resembles the skin's own natural oil - sebum. I decided to test whether applying Jojoba to my skin before the moisturiser would make the moisturiser feel more moisturising and leave my skin feeling less tight.

The Jojoba I used was from The Jojoba Company and is 100% natural Australian Jojoba. After cleansing I applied one pump to my hands then rubbed them together to warm the Jojoba. I then pat it into the skin on my face and left it to soak in for a couple of minutes whilst I brushed my teeth. I then applied the moisturiser I have been reviewing on top.

The application of this one simple step to my routine has completely changed how the moisturiser feels on my skin. The tightness has completely gone and it now feels really comfortable on. My skin is not left feeling or looking greasy at all. The Jojoba has a slightly unusual nutty scent however this vanishes within seconds after application and cannot be smelt at all once moisturiser has been applied on top.

The addition a simple 30 second step to my routine has meant that I am now able to continue using a moisturiser I most likely would have discontinued with. This is brilliant as it means that if you need your moisturiser to be a little heavier - such as in winter when the skin tends to become drier, this is an alternative to buying a new one. It also gives you the flexibility to continue using a moisturiser if your skin is going through a brief change such as if it got wind or sunburned. Rather than swapping to a different moisturiser you can continue using your current one but apply Jojoba beforehand.

100% natural Australian Jojoba is available from The Jojoba Company in 30ml ($19.95), 85ml ($29.95), 100ml ($29.95) and 300ml ($49.95) bottles. As one pump goes a long way a bottle is going to last you quite a while. This link will show you where to find a stockist near you.

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. This product was provided for consideration.