Sunday, 3 February 2013

How to Apply Kohl/ Kajal – 3 Simple Steps

Today I bring you a guest post is from Chetana from StyleCraze. Over the years, through practice, experimenting and getting tips from blogs, my makeup skills have really improved. However, there is still one area that has me stumped - how to apply eyeliner, or, more specifically how to apply Kohl rimmed eyes. I decided to go to the expert for advice and Chetena has delivered! Here is her step by step guide to applying Kohl/Kajal.

Kohl or kajal is one of the most basic items in any woman’s vanity. In ancient times, Kohl was used as a medicinal preparation to avoid eye infections. Today it is a makeup item used by women across the globe to highlight their eyes. Traditionally kohl was prepared as a creamy substance using ingredients like sandalwood, castor oil, and muslin cloth. Today, Kohl comes in different formats and forms.  The new age cosmetic brands have made it easier to apply by manufacturing Kajal in the pencil form.

Here is a step by step guide for applying Kajal:

Before you start, you need to clean the eye area so that the kajal stays for a long time. Usually the most important problem with kohl is that it does not stay for long and it creases and spreads easily. But you can avoid this by opting for a waterproof Kajal.

Also those with oily skin and lids have to take extra precautions in order to get the maximum effect of the kohl.

Step 1:

Make sure to clear the eye area of any leftover eye makeup. Apply the foundation or tinted moisturizer and do the face makeup.

Step 2:

Conceal the under eye area if you have any dark circles. After applying concealer, use a primer on the lids for better staying power. 

Step 3:

Now use the kohl pencil to line from the inner corner of the eyes and extend it towards the outer corners. Use a thicker line near the outer corners.

Also line the upper lids with kohl or eye liner. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, then use a nude kohl pencil to line just the inner rim of the lower lash line.

Also to make the kohl stay longer, apply a bit of pressed powder or translucent powder. This way, it will stay in place for a really long time. You can apply a bit of black eye shadow over it for the same results. Use compact right under the lower lash line to help the kohl stay in its place. Apply mascara and you are done. 

Thanks Chetana for this easy to follow tutorial. Do visit for more eye makeup tips and tutorials.

Is there any area of makeup that you constantly struggle with?