Monday, 28 January 2013

The acne series: a teen's perspective of the Teen Aspect Kit

As anyone who has suffered from acne knows, it can affect any age and not one treatment will cure everyone so I have been trying to get a range of reviewers to try a variety of solutions in the hope that you will find your solution. Today's guest reviewer is Brook. Brooke  is 12 1/2 years and has pimply skin on her forehead, chin and both cheeks.   She has very oily skin from hormonal changes and has been suffering regular bouts of lots of pimples for the last 6 months or so. I had Brook trial the Teen Aspect Kit for me. 

According to Aspect, Teen Aspect is:

A simple, uncomplicated skin care range designed with the busy teenager in mind. Teen Aspect is suitable for pre-teens and teenagers who want a quick and easy-to-use skin care regime. Free of the typical nasties, it will not irritate, dry out or clog the skin.

The ideal way to try out the Teen Aspect range for only $59.95!  The Teen Aspect Starter Kit is the ideal start to clean, clear skin. The Teen Aspect Starter Kit contains:
  • Teen Aspect Cleanser
  • Teen Aspect Toner
  • Teen Aspect Facial Lotion
  • Teen Aspect Stop Spot Travel Stick

Here is Brook's review:

Teen Aspect Cleanser – “The smell is lemony and refreshing.  After I used it my face felt clean.  It was gentle on my skin.  The container is easy to pump out the cleanser and it goes all bubbly when I rubbed it on my face.  I only need to use one squirt for the whole of my face and it worked well.”

 Teen Aspect Toner – “The toner was my favourite because when I wiped my skin with it felt fresh, although after it my skin felt dry and that’s why I used the Teen Aspect Facial Lotion after it.  It smells very strong and lemony.”

 Teen Aspect Facial Lotion – “The Facial Lotion made my face feel moisturised and took away the ‘dryness’ of the toner.  It smells like the cleanser – the lemony smell.  This also came in a pump pack like the cleanser and toner. “

 Teen Aspect Stop Spot – “The Stop Spot was good to put on pimples that needed to be treated and it helped get rid of them.  It smells lemony too – which is nice because it was very refreshing in the morning and before I went to bed.  The Stop Spot is a liquid and I squirted a tiny bit onto my finger and put it onto my pimples.  My older sister tried to use it (without asking!) and applied Stop Spot straight to her face which doesn’t work because it ran down her cheek.”

 “All the products have the black , white and silver design which I liked and I like how it came in a set and looks really good together.  I did find my skin cleared up a bit when I used it all the time – both day and night.  When I stopped using it (because I got a bit forgetful) I noticed my pimples tried to come back.  I want to keep using this Teen Aspect range.”

Before using the Teen Aspect Kit 

After using the Teen Aspect Kit

Sigh...doesn't Brook have gorgeous skin!

The photo's speak for themselves. Brook's skin seems to have really settled down. As she is just entering her teenage years I wouldn't expect her to be completely pimple free but this kit is really keeping the majority of them at bay.

The Teen Aspect Kit can be bought from selected clinics for $59.95. For your nearest stockist call 1800 648 851.

Have you found the solution to your acne woes yet?

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All opinions are Brook's own and neither Brook nor myself received any remuneration for this post. Brook was provided with the Teen Aspect Kit for consideration.