Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Acne Series: Guest review of the Aphelia Cosmetology Oasis Acne Solution

The next guest review in my acne series that I am going to bring to you is from Andrea and is of the Aphelia Cosmetology skincare range. Andrea is 33 years of age but still suffers from bad acne especially on her forehead and cheeks.

The Aphelia Cosmetology herbal skincare range is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (a little aside - Traditional Chinese Medicine is actually the degree that I wanted to study at uni but I was worried it might limit my job prospects if I didn't like the field so I went for a more broad science degree - Biomedical Science, with the plans on specialising in Tradition Chinese Medicine once I finished. Instead, I fell in love with pathology and went on to do a PhD in wound healing but I still find the field absolutely fascinating). Rather than rely on one 'hero herb' in an otherwise basic formulation, Aphelia Cosmetology uses a precise prescription of herbs to create a formulation that heals and nurtures your skin.

The acne range from Aphelia Cosmetology is truly unique - it is the world’s only acne solution with no Benzoyl Peroxide & Salicylic Acid that has been proven with independent in vitro (this means in a petri dish or in a test tube) tests to inhibit acne bacterium for 6 hours at 99.96% (I have a copy of these studies which I will go through in more detail in another post). This means that the acne range from Aphelia Cosmetology won't produce the side effects that Benzoyl Peroxide & Salicylic Acid may cause such as drying and irritating you skin.

Andrea was provided with the Acne Solution Set (RRP $49.95) which contains the Oasis Acne Solution and the Classic Skin Purifier Cleansing Beauty Oil as well as the Master Cleanse.

Here is Andrea's review:

Aphelia Oasis Acne Solution

For the first time in months, more like years! I had just 1 pimple for the first month, so the product did work for sure in reducing pimples forming. However the one pimple I did get was pretty bad and did take ages to go away even with using it religiously twice a day. Have been using the cleanser and makeup remover in the range too. Don't mind the fragrance of the oil and cleanser but don't care for the fragrance of the acne treatment essence so much. It has a very strong herbal medicinal smell which I do not like much at all. The second month I used it I got a few more pimples. So pretty average at stopping pimples from forming which is good. Wish it actually treated the ones that did occur too. The product itself is like a pale yellow liquid which you apply all over the face. It dries quickly and is a bit drying on the skin. Does not leave it looking oily though and can apply makeup over it without any problems.

Aphelia Master Cleanse Deep Cleanse Fluid

Have been using this a face wash for up to 2 months now. My skin has much less breakouts than normal. Does not lather up too much. My face feels really fresh and clean. It removes all traces of makeup, even eye makeup completely. My skin feels soft, clean and fresh. Does not dry out my skin or leave me with a "tight" feeling. . It has a very faint almost no fragrance and a nice white shimmery colour. Like the white and gold lettering clean classic lines of the bottle. You only need one press of the pump for washing your face so it lasts for a long time too. For all 3 products found a sharp contrast in the very bright green and gold outer pack and the inner actual look of the bottles.

Aphelia Classic Skin Purifier Cleansing Beauty Oil

I used this for removing makeup with a cotton pad. Like the look of the bottle and the easy dispense pump pack. SO no wastage or mess. Has a delightful light oriental/floral fragrance. Its useful when I have worn heavy eye makeup to get the makeup off as gently as possible. I do use it for cleansing my skin too. It does not lather up, it emulsifies with a few drops of water to cleanse your face. Again left my skin feeling incredibly soft and clean. Perfect for dry skin types and for use in winter. I thought it would be hard to remove as it was an oil based product, but it washed off very easily after cleansing.

Thanks Andrea.

The Aphelia Cosmetology range can be bought online.

I actually have two more guest reviews coming up for this range so it will be great to hear how it works on a variety of skin types.

What have you found to be your solution to your acne woes? Does your current acne range dry out your skin?

I received no remuneration for this post and all opinions are my (or Andrea's) own. The Aphelia range was provided to Andrea for consideration.