Thursday, 22 November 2012

Click Frenzy turns to Vomit Frenzy in our household

I am wondering whether any of you scored some amazing bargains? I had every intention of jumping onto Click Frenzy and having a search for my Christmas gifts. I knew it would be busy at 7.00 so was planning on leaving it until 8.00/8.30pm, after the kids had gone to bed, to have a bit of a look. I had just logged on (though was getting the frozen error screens) when we heard The Crazy Kid coughing...or so we thought. We went in to check on him and found that he had spewed everywhere. So, instead of shopping up a storm I got to cuddle a hysterical vomit soaked toddler whilst my husband stripped and remade his bed (to be honest, I am not sure who had the worst job).

Once Crazy was clean and back in bed asleep, it was shower time as I reeked of vomit. The only good thing to come out of the night was that I used my ILA Body Scrub for a Blissful Experience from the I AM NATURAL STORE for the first time and it was out of this world amazing.

What they say: This sensual Body Scrub is ideal for occasions when your body needs special treatment. The essential oils of Jasmine and Rose restore and relax the nervous system, leaving skin glowing and resulting in a sensation of enhanced well-being for both body and mind. Massage Body Scrub over damp skin as a healing exfoliant, then bathe in hot water and let the uplifting, strengthening essential oils pervade every essence of your being.

Now, I am going to review this in much more detail (in a non vomit related post!) but just wanted to say that it was my savior on Tuesday night. The fragrance completely over rode all traces of Eau de Vomit and the scent lasted for ages. I had to sleep the night in Crazy and Kiki's room (which was now also fragranced with Eau de Vomit) but all I could smell was the heady deliciousness of Jasmine and Rose.

Though Click Frenzy went for 24 hours, I was so shattered yesterday that it didn't even enter my head to check the sales out again. I guess I will have to do my shopping the old fashion way by physically going to the stores.

Since I missed out on the Click Frenzy sales I want to live vicariously through you. Please tell me what bargains you managed to snap up. Or were you caught up in the Click Fail and gave up before you managed to get online?