Friday, 16 November 2012

Dermaviduals Glow & Nourish Gift Set

I whinge a lot on this blog about how little time I have to myself since having kids. This means that I tend only do the bare minimum when it comes to skincare. When I just had The Crazy Kid I could sometimes sneak a mask on whilst I was supervising him in the bath. This was all well and good if he did his normal 45 minutes but the problem was that when he decided that it was time to get out, he meant immediately. He didn't have the patience to wait for me to rinse my mask off and any delay would result in an epic tanty.

I think that I might have discovered the perfect solution for time poor people - dermaviduals have a peel and a mask that can be removed simply with a tissue! This Christmas, dermaviduals have beautifully packaged together their DMS Mask with Vitamins and their DMS Peeling Cream in the Glow and Nourish Gift Set. This set retails for $130.00 - if you were to buy the products individually they would cost $185 so you save a huge $55.

The gift set is beautifully presented so that you do not need to do anything - it is ready to placed straight under the tree.

DMS-Mask with Vitamins

What they say: Vitamins A, C, E combined with D-Panthenol for all skin types. Provides intense skin care. The DMS®-mask with vitamins contains a very effective combination of vitamins A, C, E and provitamin B5 (panthenol) together with DMS® components as well as vitamin F (essential fatty acids) in the form of liposomes and nanoparticles. The mask is free of emulsifiers.

The mask acts as a prophylactic against vitamin deficiency symptoms of the skin. Due to its composition similar to DMS it provides intense skin care which is still measurable after 72 hours.

Application: The cream is spread onto the skin in a circular motion. After absorption by the skin, the surplus cream is removed by gently patting a dry tissue to the skin. As the mask is an excellent base for further skin care steps due to its DMS®-base, there is no need for removal of the mask.

What I say: This mask is very runny (which you can see in the picture below) so when I first applied it I only used one pump; however, this felt more like applying moisturiser so I added a second pump to really saturate my skin so that it could suck up as much of this mask as it needed. I left it to soak in for about 5 minutes then simply blotted off the excess with a tissue - although there was actually very little excess.

I applied it whilst the kids were in the bath (about 5.00pm) so didn't wash my face again until I had a shower the next morning. Whilst I was in the shower, my skin felt slippery like it had excess product on it so I kept trying to rinse the excess off but the slippery feeling wouldn't leave. Turns out that wasn't the feeling of product on my skin but the feeling of my actual skin. My skin was so hydrated and silky soft it felt slippery!

I have used this mask twice now and it always leaves my skin so hydrated that it has a glowing sheen to it. It really does leave it looking and feeling its best.

The mask doesn't smell pretty. It has no added fragrance or essential oils so it doesn't have that aromatherapy scent that you would often associate with masks. The scent is probably closer to sorbolene cream. It is not terrible by any means and I can definitely hand a non-pretty smelling product when it works as well as it does.

The DMS-Mask with Vitamins can be used up to three times a week and, given how easy it is to apply and remove, I can really see myself using it that often.

DMS-Peeling Cream

What they say: Gentle removes the build up of dead skin cells. Peeling and care of skin in one simple step. DMS-cream with jojoba beads (wax particles).

The DMS-Peeling cream is free of tensides and emulsifiers. It is based on DMS®-cream; therefore we can speak of abrasive cleansing and skin care in one step without damaging the skin. Jojoba beads with their typical rubbing effect gently remove the tiny horny scales from the skin surface.

Application: The cream is applied in circular motions onto the skin and removed with a dampened tissue or face cloth without any further treatment.

What I say: Again, I took this peel for a test drive whilst the kids were in the bath. Since Kiki was born 6 months ago I really haven't looked after my skin very well and that has left it looking congested and a bit flaky. So, this peel was exactly what it needed.

I applied 2 pumps of the cream to my skin and massaged in it for a good few minutes. It is a thick cream with lots of little jojoba beads in it that gentle yet effectively exfoliate the skin. Since the beads are smooth, the massaging sensation really was lovely - it was incredibly soothing and relaxing.

My skin had been looking a tad dull due to lack of care, yet after this peel it was looking much fresher. Just about all of the dull flaky skin had been removed. My skin was left feeling smooth and looking hydrated.

I attempted to remove the peel as suggested with just a wet tissue (I actually used a cleansing wipe), but I found that it didn't completely remove all of the jojoba beads. I ended up having to splash some water on my face to remove the beads, though they were all gone after three splashes.

The DMS-Peeling Cream can be used once a week.

The DMS-Peeling Cream and DMS-Mask with Vitamins can be used together. The first time I used them I did the peel first then followed up with the mask. I found that using them together left my skin feeling so hydrated and glowing and two days later the effect was still noticeable. I plan on using the peel once a week and immediately following it up with the Vitamin mask then using the Vitamin mask again during the week for a top up of the effects.

This gift set is perfect for anyone who loves to take care of their skin but is struggling to find the time to do so. As the peel and the mask take mere minutes to apply and remove just about anyone could find the time to slot them in. And, for something so quick the results are surprisingly effective. You will notice an improvement in the hydration and smoothness of your skin.

You can find stockist details for this gift pack along with other dermaviduals gift packs on the dermaviduals website.

What is your go to speed skincare treatment?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. The Glow and Nourish Gift Pack was provided for consideration.