Monday, 10 December 2012

Introducing the I Am Natural Store with 20% off

I was recently invited to trial the ILA-Spa Body Scrub for Blissful Experience (which I briefly reviewed here and will review in full below) and in the process I discovered the I Am Natural Store. The I Am Natural store has a huge range of organic and natural brands, all in one convenient location. Below is a list of brands stocked by the I Am Natural Store.

Alima Pure
Amazonia Viva
Aroma M
Aromatherapy Personals
Elemento Mineral
ILIA Beauty
Lotus Wei
Pai skincare
Priti NYC
Studio 78
Tallulah Jane
The Goddess Line

Now is the perfect time to check out the I Am Natural Store as they have 20% off store-wide until 11.00am on 11th December 2012. You jst need to enter the code 24HOUR20 when you check out.

Now to my review of the ILA-Spa Body Scrub for Blissful Experience. I mentioned previously that I first tried this scrub after getting covered in vomit thanks to The Crazy Kid. I think I promised to review it fully in a non-vomit containing post. Well, I lied. Two days after The Crazy Kid's vomit frenzy, I also came down with gastro. Thankfully (in a way), I got it a hell of a lot worse than The Crazy Kid and it really knocked me about. Kiki ended up getting a touch of it, though got the mildest version (my antibodies must have offered her some protection), then finally Hubby succumbed to the bugs and was also struck down. Unfortunately, he got it when I was only just on the mend so instead of resting up I had to go back to being a mum so the whole process has left me rather shattered (hence the lack of posts for the last fortnight).

In the midst of all of this, the ILA-Spa Body Scrub for Blissful Experience left me feeling (somewhat!) human once more. The divine fragrance soothed my soul and rejuvenated me.

What they say: This sensual Body Scrub is ideal for occasions when your body needs special treatment. The essential oils of Jasmine and Rose restore and relax the nervous system, leaving skin glowing and resulting in a sensation of enhanced well-being for both body and mind. Massage Body Scrub over damp skin as a healing exfoliant, then bathe in hot water and let the uplifting, strengthening essential oils pervade every essence of your being.

Himalayan Salt Crystals
Damascena Rose Otto
Jasmine and Rosehip Seed Oil

What I say: As you know, I just love the scent of a rose. It genuinely makes me feel happy and calm. Jasmine is a widely used essential oil that is known to have a powerful uplifting effect on the mood (source). So, you can see how the combination of these oils aided in restoring me.

The scent is very strong, which I absolutely loved, though some may find it over powering. To use the scrub, I massaged generous handfuls all over my body, whilst standing up in bath, then once I had finished I soaked in the bath for about 30 minutes. The scent from the scrub I used was enough to beautifully fragrance the bath water and made for a highly relaxing soak.

After the bath my skin was coated in a highly moisturising oil. It felt soft and was gorgeously scented. I could still smell the heady aroma of rose on jasmine on my skin the following morning, so the scent lasts hours and hours. This is, hands down, the most luxurious scrub that I have ever used. It is heavenly. I have decided that it is my special occasional scrub - to be used before special occasions to beautifully fragrance my skin; or when I need some serious TLC. 

The ILA-Spa Body Scrub for Blissful Experience can be purchased from the I Am Natural Store for $95 (less 20% if you order before 11.00am tomorrow!).

What products do you turn to when your soul really needs soothing?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. This product was provided for consideration.