Monday, 8 October 2012

Japanese pink 2 minute bath noodles

Tonight's post is a fun one. As you might remember, my sister moved to Japan last year. Whilst I miss her desperately there is one advantage to her being over there - she keeps discovering kooky Japanese beauty products and sending them back to me!
The Japanese do amazing bath bomb type products. Em has been sending The Crazy Kid bath bombs in which toys pop out as they dissolve - his favourite one contained a tiny little shinkansen (bullet train).
The following product also falls into the bath bomb category, though it is unlike any bath bomb you have every seen. It is made to look like a tub of 2 minute noodles. Thankfully Em gave me a heads up that I couldn't eat these noodles as I most likely would have taste tested them! I have absolutely no idea what the packet says but on first inspection the pig did trick me - I really did think that she had sent me bacon flavoured 2 minute noodles. Turns out they were rose scent bath noodles! The noodles dissolved completely to leave a pink tinted, rose scented bath - just lovely! Though I do have to confess that I was quite excited by the prospect of bathing with noodles and was a bit disappointed when they all dissolved!
Yummy bath noodles

The little picture warning me not to eat them...I am pretty
sure I would have missed that had I not had a heads up!

Still looks kind of edible

Wrapped up as only the Japanese can

Once the noodles were free they revealed their
amazing rose scent

Turning my bath pink


I was actually hoping that the noodles would
remain for me to play with in the bath but, alas,
they dissolved completely like a bath bomb

Have you made any kooky beauty discoveries? If so, I'd love to hear about them!