Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Alexami Colour Analysis results

I was recently invited to participate in the Alexami Colour Analysis. Alexami is an Australian-owned natural cosmetics company. Alexami's products address the growing need for truly natural and safe cosmetics made from quality ingredients that are kind to your skin and the planet, but without overlooking fashion-forward colour palettes. To participate in the challenge I was asked to answer the following questions then I was sent makeup to create a look based on my responses:
  • Hair colour - dark brown (with a subtle red dye through it)
  • Eye brows - black
  • Eye colour - green/blue
  • Lips - pink
  • Preferred makeup focus - eyes

Herbal - Mineral Mascara - NATURAL EFFECT LASHES RRP $39.95
What they say: Some mascara can contribute to eye irritation. Our mascara has been specially formulated with mild, naturally derived ingredients so that you’re less likely to have tears
What I say: About 8 years ago I had a massive allergic reaction to my contact lenses. It was hell. The whites of my eyes were pure red. Not veiny red, but pure - no white in sight - red. I could also only open each eye about 2mm. I had been wearing contacts for 8 years at that stage and I still have absolutely no idea what caused the reaction. Ever since then, though, I have had really sensitive eyes. Often when I have been wearing a new mascara, my eyes will end up feeling a bit gunky and when I check them out in the mirror they are usually also bloodshot. I am pleased to say that I had no such reaction to the Alexami mascara. My eyes felt completely comfortable all day. The mascara also didn't clump. I can't stand clumpy mascaras that leave your lashes looking like spider legs. This left my lashes looking very natural. I did notice at the end of the day that it had smudged slightly but that might have been because I was wearing L'oreal Paris Revitalift Total Repair 10 BB Cream and I had not set it with powder. 

Mineral – Vegan Lip Gloss - NATURAL EFFECT LIPS RRP $34.95

What they say: Alexami mineral-vegan creamy lip gloss is the perfect choice for women seeking to avoid the harmful toxins and lead in conventional lipstick.

 What I say: This really is a deliciously creamy lip gloss. It left my lips feeling so soft and moisturised. It is not at all sticky but has more of a buttery texture. It also has no taste which is very important to me. There is nothing worse than a lip gloss that has that awful taste that gets caught in the back of your throat.

Mineral Eye Shadows - DRAMATIC EFECT EYES RRP $24.95

Left: Deep Blue, Right: Grey Blue

Left: Deep Blue, Right: Grey Blue

Left: Deep Blue, Right: Grey Blue
What they say: Not all mineral eye shadows are created equal. Alexami Cosmetics uses intense and pure natural pigments of highest quality.  
What I say:  The colours I received were perfect - they are exactly the type of colours I wear. I found them to be very easy to apply, highly pigmented and the colour was long lasting and didn't crease (I applied it over Urban Decay Primer Potion).  
My Look
I decided to be efficient and get two reviews done at once - my Alexami reviews plus L'oreal Paris Revitalift Total Repair 10 BB Cream review. Unfortunately, this turned out a bit orange on my skin so it hasn't been the most ideal foundation to use. I also manage to leave a shadow smudge on my right eye that I didn't notice until I photographed myself. So, that gave me three options 1) I could photoshop it out...but I don't believe in photoshopping - that's for magazines, not beauty blogs 2) I could redo my makeup - Kiki decided that, by waking up from her nap, that wasn't going to be an option (she also insisted on being in a photo as you'll see below!) 3) I leave the smudge and apologise to my readers. I choose option 3! Sorry guys!
The look I went with was dramatic eyes and understated lips.

Kiki wanted to be part of my look...she is my cutest
accessory, after all!
I was very happy with how the look turned out. Alexami did advise to use the eyeshadow as an eyeliner by tipping it onto the back of your hand, wetting an eyeliner brush then blending it below the eye line, but I am no very good at eyeliner so shied away from that step.

So, apart from my orange skin and smudged eye, what do you think of my look?

Alexami makeup can be purchased online.

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. The Alexami products were provided for consideration.