Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Do you have acne? Guest reviewers required

Do you suffer from acne? If so, you might actually be in luck! I am after a couple more guest reviewers to trial some acne ranges for me. To be my acne guest reviewer you must:

  • be willing to take before and after photos. However, they don't have to be of your whole face. Have a look at this review for an excellent example - you can clearly see how the acne has changed between photos but the person remained anonymous - I am perfectly happy for you to do similar (and I can help with the cropping if need be)
  • have at least moderate acne - not just one or two pimples but problematic skin that is bothering you
  • be willing to stick to the routine provided and preferably not use any other skincare products (sunscreen and makeup are fine).
  • be Australian based.
I need three reviewers in total. The age of two of the reviewers doesn't matter but I specifically need a teenager for one of the reviews.

If you are interested please either comment below or send me an email.