Sunday, 2 October 2011

Spa Ritual: Its Raining Men nail lacquer

I picked up two nail polishes at IMATS - Imaginarium (swatched here) and It's Raining Men. I had never heard of Spa Ritual before so just stuck to two - now I wish that I had bought more as I have heard that they are difficult to find (most likely why i hadn't previously heard of them!). Spa Ritual polishes are vegan plus DBP, formaldehyde and toluene free.

I have been a bit lazy when applying them and haven't used a top coat and they both still nice and shiny. Imaginarium started chipping after 2 days so with a top coat you'd probably get an extra day or two out of them.

It took three coats to get Its Raining Men to this colour intensity. After two coats there were no streaks but it was still a tad translucent - I could see my nail through the polish. Three coats makes it totally opaque.

It's Raining Men is a very wearable colour. It is not quite the statement colour that Imaginarium is but definitely one that will get plenty of wear.