Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Is this the hottest pink you have ever seen: Spa Ritual Imaginarium

I have been meaning to write an account of IMATS and the ABBW; however, the weekend has left me feeling rather shattered. You see, when it comes to excitement levels my development stunted when I was about 6 years old leaving me with an extremely low excitement threshold. I bounce off walls knowing I have a haircut coming up and I am a nightmare to be around on birthday eve or Christmas eve. So you can only imagine what I was like the night before ABBW. I was literally wide awake, too excited to sleep, at 3.00am and had to get up at 5.45am when our alarm clock, otherwise know as The Crazy Kid, went off. I was then at ABBW from 8.00am until 10.15pm when I had to leave the Gala dinner due to extreme exhaustion...but do know what, I was still too excited and hyped up to sleep and spent the night having those stupid hallucination dreams where you are not quite awake, not quite asleep. Naturally it was beauty products that I was dreaming about! I think I got a total of six hours sleep in two nights - whilst I might have the excitement levels of a 6 year old, I most definitely have the body and energy levels of a 31 year old.

So, until I can stay awake later than 8.00pm in the evenings, I thought that I'd do a quick post on a nail polish that I picked up at IMATS. Its called Imaginarium by Spa Ritual and it is the hottest pink shade that I have ever come across. I was a massive tomboy as a kid and so pink was always my most hated colour. I have always had a fetish for bright colours and sometime when I was in my 20's I had a light bulb moment - pink is probably the brightest of bright colours. From that moment on my pink phobia was over I embraced it in a way that would make Barbie proud.

This was also my first encounter with Spa Ritual polishes. They were $11.95 at IMATS, though I believe are ordinarily $19.95 for 15ml. They are vegan plus are DBP, formaldehyde and toluene free.

This manicure took 3 coats to achieve streak free application and I haven't bothered applying a top or base coat.  In natural light it is pure hot pink though in unnatural evening light a slight blue base can be detected.

I love this colour!

Have you discovered a hotter pink nail polish?