Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's my birthday...about friggin' time!!

So, it's my 31st birthday today. This year it took a friggin' long time to come around. There are lucky people in the world who's birthdays seem to come around really quickly - you know the ones - they announce that it is their birthday and you think to yourself, hang on, wasn't it just your birthday last week?? Unfortunately, the 22nd of September is not one of those dates. In fact, I have found that it is actually one of the longest dates to come around - second only to February 29th. For this reason I am usually going a little mental with excitement waiting for it to finally come back around.

I also don't mind getting older because I have actually found that the older I get the more disposable income the people around me have and naturally that equates to better and more presents!

So talking about presents, what did I get?? My sister organised for my parents and in laws to all chip in and get hubby and I a voucher for dinner at Quay. I absolutely cannot wait to go...I am so getting the snow egg from Master Chef! I am also going to force hubby to get the 8 texture chocolate cake so I can have that as well! As to the other three courses, I haven't quite decided yet. But the restaurant has a 6 month wait list for bookings on a Friday or Saturday night so I have a little bit of study time! If you want to know what I'll be indulging in, read this drool worthy review on nommynomnom!

The one and only Snow Egg (courtesy of The Age)

Hubby got me this amazing chocolate tasting experience from Definitely Chocolate. It was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on chocolate but I used my awesome debating skills to convince him that he enjoys wine and that it is not unreasonable for him to want to try really high quality fine wine, well it's the same for me with chocolate, I want to try the best that there is! I won't be sharing my chocolates with anyone, so don't bother asking (especially you, Crazy Kid. I saw you sniffing around them earlier...).

Hubby also got me the book The Slap, but I have already read it so I sneakily swapped it for The Help - I really wanted to see the movie but it's a rare occasion that we manage to get to the movies so this is the next best thing, or probably better as is often the case with books. The Crazy Kid ordered me a few health and beauty books from The Book Depository - Can You Get Addicted to Lip Balm?, No More Dirty Looks - the Truth About Your Beauty Products, and Flat Tummy Fast (this book is by the guy responsible for Elle Macpherson's abs. Isaac felt the need to buy me this book because he is the main reason for my lack of 6-pack...or so I keep using the excuse!).

My folks got me some new clothes...I don't think that I will ever get too old not to want new clothes for my birthday! Mum also let my put in a massive perfume order with Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Perfumes. I got the following fragrances, some full sized, some sample sized:
  • Kenya Lily
  • Butterfly
  • Muguet de Mai
  • la Rose Fleurette (Rose No. 2)
  • American Beauty (Rose No. 1)
  • Beach Roses (Rose No. 3)
  • L´eau d´Iris
  • Nouveau Gardenia
  • Sweet Gardenia
  • Rain
  • African Violet
Finally, my in-laws had a gorgeous bunch of flowers sent to my apartment. Each year my mother in law sends me flowers for my birthday. I think she feels guilty that her son never gives me flowers. Unfortunately, the lack of flowers is entirely my fault. I got together with my husband when we were 18 (ever so romantically when we were on schoolies!) and I was (and probably still am!) rather head strong and somewhat femanistic. I remember lecturing him that I'd rather him spend his money on something other than flowers, that just die anyway. Over the years I may have changed my tune and love the way the brighten up the place but hubby has been scared off them for life! 

You are probably thinking that is enough spoiling for one girl...well it isn't! Hubby also cooked me dinner - BBQ snapper with a tomato and olive sauce. Yum! Then for dessert we are having some Adriano Zumbo creations! I took my friend, Carlie, to Zumbo's cafe in Rozelle for some morning tea and to pick up treats for dessert and you will never believe who was there...yep, Adriano Zumbo himself! I was momentarily star struck, then regained my cool, made eye contact and smiled at Adriano...and he smiled back - that's right, we had a moment! Unfortunately, the moment was ruined by Carlie squealing in excitement. OK, fine, Carlie's squeals were internal but Adriano could sense that he was about to be hugged by a stranger so quickly exited the building. I ended up choosing the ultimate chocolate brownie for morning tea then brought home the passion fruit tart and six macarons for dessert.

mmm passion fruit tart

Macarons (L to R): Pear and vanilla, rice pudding, lemon and
olive oil, mandarin, butterscotch and passion fruit.

I friggin' love my birthday. It is just such a damn shame that it won't be coming back for such a long time.

Are you a birthday lover or a birthday hater?