Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Why I keep getting fatter even though I vomit alot...

From the title of my post you are probably suspecting that I am:
  • pregnant
  • knocked up
  • up the duff
  • with child
  • a bun in the oven
  • in the family way
  • on stork watch
  • expecting
  • in the pudding club
  • my eggo is preggo
  • up the spout
  • in a fix
  • be-child'd
  • in a delicate state
  • big with pig
  • incubating
  • caught the baby flu
  • harbouring a uterine parasite
  • sperminated
If you selected any of the above, then yes, you are correct! We are expecting baby number two and The Crazy Kid is going to be a big brother (actually, the thought of two Crazy's racing around the place is both hilarious and terrifying)!

I was debating whether to post about this as it is hardly beauty related, but in truth, it is affecting what I write. I have been careful not to give anything away until I passed the 12 week mark, though, just last night, when I posted my article on Nivea Products, I made a brief comment that I am avoiding Vitamin A. That was enough evidence for my good friend Katie to instantly message me with congratulations on my pregnancy (admittedly, Katie is a world famous pregnancy detector who can practically pick that you are pregnant before you even know yourself!!).

This pregnancy has really knocked me about. I never experienced tiredness with The Crazy Kid. I think that is because I am a normally very high energy person (some may say annoyingly high energy!) so when I lost half my energy being pregnant with Crazy, that just reduced me to a normal persons functioning energy levels. This time around it has been so different mostly because there is no time to rest when there is a Crazy Kid to fed, and change, and chase. For most of the first trimester I would pass out on the couch by 8.00pm at night. As I do most of my blogging at night that really affected it. In August, when I was really getting into the swing of things, I managed to post 22 times. Then in September is crashed down to 14 and so far in October I have only managed 10. The last week I have been feeling like the tiredness is lifting so hopefully that means more blogging!

I have also had (and still have) appalling morning sickness. I had it until week 32 with Crazy so I am hoping it doesn't last that long this time but I am still finding myself riding the porcelain bus 4 or 5 times a day. I can't drink anything other than water without vomiting (I did a blue spew an hour ago because I convinced myself that I could stomach a Seven Eleven blue lemonade Slurpee...I lost that bet!). This hasn't help my flailing energy levels.

I have a string of posts I have been wanting to write for a couple of months now. I feel so guilty at not getting around to it. Before I knew I was pregnant I emailed a PR a blog schedule and was sent a bunch of products to tie in with some planned articles and I have barely touched these products. I have just been too exhausted. Hopefully now my energy is returning I'll be able to get through them (and also learn a valuable lesson on not to over-commit myself in the future!).

So, there you have it - our exciting news! I am around 13 weeks now and am due late April/early May though I'm pushing for mid April - The Crazy Kid was nearly 2 weeks overdue because he is a stubborn little turd who was not going to let anyone tell him when he has to be born and even being induced was not enough to get him out of there so he had to be hacked and dragged out of my stomach, kicking, screaming and clinging on for dear life - so surely the next one will be kind and come out two weeks early instead! I have no idea what will happen to my beloved blog once I have two Crazy's to deal with. I hope it continues, though I have learnt with Crazy that I had absolutely no concept what-so-ever of what being a parent was like so cannot imagine what two are like. Crazy is in a good little routine now that I have forgotten how unpredictable newborns are. I plan to schedule posts and get some guest reviewers in to keep it going then fingers cross I can jump back in.

Have you managed to keep up your blog with two or more of your own Crazy Kids to deal with?

Any tips on how to bloody well stop puking so often?