Friday, 30 August 2013

A super quick, super easy, super tasty treat you can make Dad for Fathers Day

[Dad, if you are reading my blog right now, please stop and come back on Sunday otherwise you will ruin your surprise]

They say that there are only two certainties in life - death and taxes; well I have two more. Every year, without fail, hubby receives one of those giant 400g Toblerones for Fathers Day and my Dad gets some ginger of some sort. This year I  have spiced things up and have made hubby and Dad home made treats instead

I discovered this recipe for 5 minute fudge on Where's My Glow (here is the original post) and it is so bloody simple, it's not funny! Well, I actually screwed it up the first time I made it because I didn't follow the directions properly but second time around I nailed it!

All you need is two blocks of chocolate (around 200g each - so around 400g in total) and 1 tin of condensed milk. I made two batches - one with Coles Dark Belgium chocolate and the other with a 400g Toblerone.

Melt the chocolate (don't allow it to get too hot as chocolate burn easily - I melted it in a double boiler but you could also do it slowly in the microwave).

Once it has melted, tip the tin of condensed milk into the melted chocolate along with anything else that you might want to add and then stir like crazy until it has mixed.

You will notice that it starts becoming fudgey almost straight away. Once mixed, tip it in a lamington tin or square cake tin or slice tin or whatever suitable tin you have on hand. I covered my tin with glad wrap first so that the fudge wouldn't stick.

If you want a smooth top, put a piece of glad wrap over and flatten out.

It only takes about an hour or so to set in the fridge - if it feels hard it has set. Then slice it into pieces. It is pretty rich so don't make the pieces too big.

I made two batches today. Sticking with my usual Fathers Day theme, Dad got a dark chocolate one with chunks of ginger throughout and hubby got a Toblerone one. I have to say that the Toblerone one in an absolute stroke of genius - it is out of the world delicious. The giant Toblerones were on sale at Coles for $4.99 each so it worked out cheaper than buying two blocks of chocolate (though I had originally bought two blocks of Cadbury Crunchie chocolate with the plans to make that...might still make that one and give half to hubby and give my father in law a packet with half the Crunchie and half the Toblerone). The possibilities are endless. I am wondering whether I could make a batch with Lindt Lindor chocolate - I think that might be sickeningly rich.

This is a gift that Dad is guaranteed to love!

Do you have any dead easy fool proof recipes? What are you getting Dad for Fathers Day?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Illamasqua The Sacred Hour Collection

I lay down my body in surrender to the elements. 
My spirit soars, wiser than before. A raw force of nature. 
Yet I conquer. 
Stronger. I arise victorious. 
I am the dawn spirit. 
A am the dusk warrior. 
This is the universe. 
I am magic. 
Welcome to the sacred hour.

Tonight I attended the launch of Illamasqua's new collection - The Sacred Hour. This collection has been described as much more wearable than the Paranormal Collection; though, I personally prefer Paranormal. I love colour, so the Paranormal Palette was right up my alley. However, if your go to look is the smokey eye then you are going to fall head over heels in love with the New Reflection Palette ($53.00). If you already have the Paranormal palette then apparently this one will compliment it beautifully as they shadows are similar texture so will blend easily together and can be used to darken up some of the bright Paranormal colours or to tone them down or even just to create completely different looks (the purple in Paranormal would look amazing with the New Reflections palette).

The colours:
Precipice - soft lemon
Acute - ash taupe
Graphica - graphite grey
Dart - toasted bronze

I loved how shimmery this palette is. It has the same texture as the Paranormal Palette - kind of squidgy, not quite liquid but dries as a silky powder. If anything, the consistency of this palette is even better than the Paranormal - I find if I use a brush with Paranormal sometimes  get chunks or flakes come off,but this seems much silkier and more refined (though, please note that I don't own this palette - I just played with it at the launch - perhaps I was just being less rough and more considerate because it wasn't my own!). I swatched these colours on my arm but forgot to photograph it and my jumper rubbed it off before I got home. Acute, Graphica and Dart apply quite darkly (not as darkly as on my fingers but it is easily to build up colour). Precipice is much subtler - a very pale shimmer perfect for highlighting.

There are two nail polishes in the collection - Hemlock (left) - pale opal green and Facet which is a grey crystal (right). I received a sample of Hemlock which I will swatch shortly. Facet looks amazing on - very unique. These are $34.00 each.

The range also contains  set of the most amazing lashes. All of the Illamasqua girls were wearing them and they look amazing - super dramatic and completely unnatural! I have never ever tried falsies before but I kinda wanna give them a try...just need to go somewhere fancy! I was talking to the Illamsqua makeup artist and she was saying that they are such good quality you will get heaps of uses out of them. She got 12 uses out of her first pair but then accidentally glued them to her bathroom counter after a big night out and the ripped in half when she tried to remove them. They come with their own glue which is apparently amazing. They retail for $22.00 a pair.

There are two new blushes - Velvet Blush in Peaked - dusky rose (left) and Sleek - dusky coral (right) and they have the similar kind of liquid kind of powder texture of the eye shadows. Illamasqua actually recommended that you apply these with your fingers rather than a brush. They are highly pigmented and are water resistant and we were told that they also make a great lip stain. I have confession: I don't actually own a blush. Blush has always kind of scared me so I have just stuck to bronzer in summer and nothing in winter. In the photo below I am wearing Peaked and I love it. I love that I can apply it with my fingers. It dries like a powder so isn't like your typical cream blush. I think that I am going to pop my blush cherry and get one (or both!) of these. Its my birthday in a couple of weeks so might have to add these to my wish list! The Velvet Blushes are $28.00 each.

Also in the collection, but not photographed is a lipstick - Shard, which is a red velvet (not what I am wearing below - that is Lancome Rouge in Love). I swear I photographed it but its not there...must have gotten distracted. It appears to be quite a wearable colour - a nice, brightish, pinky purply, redy colour! It is $39.00.

As well, there is the Skin Base lift - a set of concealers in White Light, Light 1& 2, Medium 1 & 2 and Dark 1 & 2. I received a sample of White Light which is to be used for contouring. Below I am wearing one of the other ones...forgot to ask which colour. I have never really liked to wear concealer under my eye as I think it makes it look all wrinkly. Maybe I just haven't learnt how to primer the area properly. Unfortunately, I found that this concealer did the same - it accentuated my wrinkles. It was applied by the makeup artist and I wasn't wearing any foundation or primer so that might have been my problem. If you love concealers you should probably head into a store to try this one as the makeup artists were raving - saying that in blends seamlessly, is long lasting, and  very natural looking - rather than take my review on board because i really don't know how to use them properly! Anyway, they are $24.00 each.

In the photos below I am wearing the Velvet Blusher in Peaked on my cheeks and my eyes were done with the New Reflection palette. I mentioned that I never do smokey eyes so she did a much subtler/lighter version for me using mostly Precipice and Dart but you could obviously get it much smokier with the darker colours.

The Sacred Hour Collection will be available from Myer counters in Australia from 1st September. If you are heading into Sydney on Thursday 5th September for the Vogue Fashion Night Out, Illamasqua have an awesome deal: buy any two products from The Sacred Hour collection and receive a free surprise product.

What are your thoughts on The Sacred Hour? Will you be bolting to Myer to get your hands on it or are you with me in Team Paranormal?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. All makeup in this post was tested at the launch and I do not own; however, I have been provided wth a nail varnish and skin base lif for consideration.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Illamasqua Paranormal Palette

Warning: pic heavy post ahead!

I am heading to the launch of Illamasqua's new collection - The Sacred Hour - tomorrow night so thought that I had better get my act together and get my post up of the Paranormal Palette! 

Lets start with some pics of the palette.

I need to start by saying that the formulation of this is completely unique. When you touch it, it feels kind of squidgy and wet - more like a gel, yet when you apply it the shadow goes on dry like a silky powder. If you use a brush to apply it, the shadow actually pushes around the palette. 

The colours look bright in the palette - scary bright (which is saying something coming from the queen of brights!), but they actually apply much less intensely, which is a good thing. The colours blend easily and once applied are long lasting. I always wear them over a primer (Urban Decay primer potion) so this possibly helped their longevity but I found that they didn't budge and they didn't crease. It claims to be water resistant. Whilst I didn't go swimming with the shadow on, I could image that it is pretty water resistant because it just didn't budge on me.

They appear bright on the fingers but apply much more subtly on the eyes

Applied over Urban Decay primer potion in Greed at the top and straight
onto my arm at the bottom

The pink, orange and purple work really well together but I have struggled to get the green to work with the other colours so I tend to just wear this one on its own. I found a great image on the Sephora website where they used all four colours (they used the green as an eyeliner and in the corners, but now I can't find it, dammit! So, you will just have to make do with my attempt using three of the four colours. This is a look that I created with the pink, purple and orange shadows. I love is look and it is one that I will wear often. I find the colours contrast beautifully with my green eyes. Apologies that I didn't do the rest of my face - I was playing around with this look while the kiddies were in the bath.

This was my first introduction to Illamasqua makeup. I have tried heir nail polish before (review here) but not makeup. My first impressions are good. I loved the texture of the shadows and found application nice and easy. And, because it is a gel like texture there is zero fallout - another bonus!

In Australia, Illamasqua can be bought from Myer stores and the Paranormal Palette retails for $53.

What are your thoughts on the Paranormal Palette? Are they colours that you would wear?

All opinions are my own and  received no remuneration for this post. The Paranormal Palette was provided for consideration. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Bodytrim journey: week 10

Last week I warned you that I might not have a good week as I was expecting to fall off the wagon on the weekend as it was hubby's birthday. Turns out that I actually had an OK week...sort of. The nutritionist told me to weigh in on the morning of my free day. As I was planning on eating cake on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I did my weigh in on Friday (two days earlier than usual). To my surprise I had dropped another 0.7kgs - bringing my total to an awesome 9.1kgs and leaving me a tiny 1.4kgs to go to reach my target (and 4 weeks to do so)! 

I then went on to have the weekend I expected - which was unrestricted carbs on all three days. Throughout this journey, I have made an effort not to have food that would tempt me in the house. I have been buying lollies for hubby, as he isn't on a diet, but I am a bit indifferent towards them so it hasn't been hard to resist. As I was baking some goodies for the weekend it meant that I had food that was a weakness to me - ie chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. What surprised me was how little will power I had. I don't know whether I mentally let myself down - ie I was planning on having an unrestricted weekend so didn't even try to hold back. I found myself licking the bowl and picking at the mini m&m's and chocolate covered licorice that I had for decorating. I had two cupcakes on Friday, then on the Saturday we had a BBQ with friends and I was picking at the chips, had a hot dog (I could have just had the sausage and salad if I wanted to be compliant), then I made some Adriano Zumbo chocolate brownies and ate two. I had attempted to make some really cool 5 minute fudge but messed up the ratios so it never set. Rather than chuck it I kept picking at the unset fudge (which was just chocolate mixed with condensed milk - so pure sugar). I have issues with wastage - even though the fudge didn't set, I couldn't bring myself to chuck it as I didn't want to waste the chocolate or condensed milk. But, as the fudge didn't set, I couldn't really give it away so, in my head, the only option was to eat it. I need to get over that inability to chuck food as I am going to end up back where I started.

After the weekend, out of interest, I weighed myself again and was back up to 64.4kgs - so my little blowout meant that I negated the 0.7kgs I had lost plus gained and extra 0.3kgs. To try and make up for this, I am redoing the 3 day carb detox (this is what Bodytrim suggests that you do if you ever fall off the wagon). Interestingly, this time around I am not finding it difficult at all this time around (I have completed 2 days of it), so I guess that I am not as dependent on carbs as I was before I started Bodytrim. 

My results for the week (I am going by my 'official' weigh in I did last Friday and not the one I did out of interest after the weekend):

Weigh In:
Starting weight: 72.5kgs
Weight after week 1: 69.4kgs
Weight after week 2: 68.7kgs
Weight after week 3: 68.1kgs
Weight after week 4: 67.2kgs
Weight after week 5: 66.7kgs
Weight after week 6: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 7: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 8: 64.7kgs
Weight after week 9: 64.1kgs
Weight after week 10: 63.7kgs
Loss in last week = -0.7kgs
Total weight loss: 9.1kgs

I am now not going to measure myself until I get to my 3 month update as the weekly changes have been very subtle so not worth reporting (ie as I am losing around 0.7kgs each week, when this is spread out over the whole body it means I am only shrinking subtly each week so the measurements will be more significant on a monthly basis).

Below are the cupcakes I made for hubby for his birthday. Now you can understand why I fell off the wagon in such spectacular style!

I wasn't the only family member who loved them!

This whole journey is one big learning curve for me. What this weekend taught me was that I really have to make choices, especially when I haven't reached my target yet. If I know that I HAVE to have cake then I NEED to be compliant in all other areas. I probably needed this blowout to understand that once I reach my target I can't just quit eating clean and go back to my old ways. I need to maintain some sense of self control.

Well, that's this week. As I have 1kg to recoup I don't expect to make any real losses next week but you never know - doing the carb detox again might have me back on track again.

Follow the rest of my journey here

Schwarzkopf Brilliance Intense Permanent Hair Colour: Red Passion

 I'm all for dyeing my hair at home. I just don't have the time to go to a hair dresser these days. Lately I have been gravitating towards varying shades of chocolate brown so I decided that it was time for a change and opted for Schwarzkopf Brilliance Intense Permanent Hair Colour in 43 Red Passion, which appeared to be a very bright red.

The dye was super easy to apply. Simply mix the colourant with the developer and add in the diamond shine then apply liberally to your hair then leave it for 30 minutes before washing your hair until the water runs clear.

I was expecting a really luminous red but the colour I ended up was more very dark brown with hints of red. It was actually a very nice and fairly natural colour but this time around I wasn't after natural - I wanted intense. Perhaps my base colour was too dark - I have quite dark brown hair. In the sun the colour is quite intense but other than that, the red is a little bit too subtle for what I was after.

Before dyeing


The dye did leave my hair super shiny - it made it look so healthy. And 3 weeks after dying it, with daily washing, it has hardly faded at all. I would definitely turn to this dye again if I was after a more natural red as I loved how my hair looked afterwards, but I would look elsewhere if i wanted a really luminous intense red.

Have you discovered a really intense red hair dye?

(in case you missed it, I have a little giveaway going on where you can win 10 bottles of Orly nail polish - check it out here)

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. The hair dye was provided for consideration as part of Beauty Heaven's trial team.

Monday, 26 August 2013

My International Spa and Beauty Expo haul + win 10 ORLY nail polishes

A couple of years ago I attended the International Spa and Beauty Expo and was so inspired and blown away by it. I didn't manage to get there last year as Kiki was still pretty fresh and I just filed it into the to hard basket. When the call out for media passes came I jumped at the chance to go again. The first time I went, I had no idea that you could buy stuff there so went with an empty wallet. This time around, I learnt from that mistake and came armed with a small wad of cash! My hauling was fairly restrained as I was quite pushed for time. I only had 4 hours to do the entire show (the first time around I spent 6 hours exploring and only got through skincare!).

When I have more time, later in the week, I will do an in depth post of the expo but, for now, I thought that I would share with you my haul from the show.

My small haul (can you see Beethoven photo bombing in the background!)

Orly had some pretty good deals on their polishes. You could get their full sized polished for $10 each or 3 for $ I got 3. Plus, they had packs of 10 mini polishes for $, I got three of these as well - one for me, one for my friend to say thanks for taking Kiki so I didn't have to bring her to the show and a third for one lucky winner.

These are two of the three full sized polishes that I got - the red is Star Spangled and the other is a white for doing French tips but I got it to do nail art. The third colour I got was Beach Cruiser which is a hot, hot, hot pink. Again, this was for my friend, who is a massive pinkophile, to say thanks for taking Keeks (as much as I would have loved the girly bonding time with Kiki at the expo, she would have cracked the shits each time the pram stopped. Plus, she just started walking last Wednesday and that is all that she wants to do - it would not have made for a fun day for either of us!).

When I rocked up to the Orly nail bar to get my nails done, I still had remnants of Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polish on, and this would not budge with straight remover. So, they wrapped my nails in these foil wraps which had a little pad inside that had been soaked in remover and sent me away for 10 minutes. When I came back, the polish slide off effortlessly. I have been going through a massive glitter phase lately (fine, for the last 20 or so years!) and glitter polish is such a pain in the bum to remove so I invested a pack of these wraps to make my life a little bit easier and to hopefully not go through quite as much polish remover. A pack of 100 was $16.

I am going through polish remover like nothing else. I had actually been using the Orly remover (just the normal acetone one). I had been paying around $6-8 (can't remember exactly) for 150ml. The gel polish remover was $10 for 473ml so it should last me a good while.  I went with the gel remover as this is a mostly acetone remover (with added goodies to protect your nails) and I figured that glitter would be no match for it plus I also have a couple of at home gel kits - Gelicious and Gelish so it will be handy for getting these mani's off.

I as keen to get some more nail art supplies but just didn't ha the time to fully explore those stands. OPI also had some great deals - their polishes were $10 each or 10 for $80 but, as I'd already bought 13 polishes from Orly (well, 33 if you count the ones I got to give away), I figured I had got enough polish for one day!

I was also quite tempted to get some skincare to try from brands I hadn't heard of before but, as it is, I have a backlog of products waiting to be reviewed so sadly I had to pass.

That brings my haul to an end. Now for the giveaway!

One winner will received a pack of 10 Orly mini polishes. The colours you will get are (from left to right):
  • Wandering Vine
  • In the Navy
  • Blue Belle
  • Grape Glitz
  • Pixy Stix
  • Razzamatazz
  • Coffee Break
  • Cosmic Kiss
  • Rocker Chick
  • Etoile
As Australia Post won't let me post polishes overseas, this comp is only open to Australian residents (sorry...blame Australia Post, not me!). Entry is via the Rafflecopter thing below and the comp will run until 12.00am on 9/9/13.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Did you go to the Spa and Beauty Expo this year and did you end up with much of a haul?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Antipodean Beauties - Winter (part 1)

We are up to week 3 of the Antipodean Beauties makeup challenge and this weeks theme was winter. I went out drinking on Friday night for the first time since before Kiki was born. Considering Kiki is now nearly 16 months, and I was pregnant for the 9 months before that, that's a bloody long time since I have been out on the town! Now, before you think that I am totally lame I have actually left the house in the last few years - I just haven't been out on the piss (and by out on the piss I mean I had 4 glasses of bubbly...couldn't handle any more!).

Usually when I go out I prefer to wear contacts but I just got these new specs from Clearly Contacts and I am a bit in love with them so wanted to show them off! So, I wore makeup to match with the glasses. I don't tend to follow and seasonal rules when it comes to makeup but do find that I gravitate towards golds and colours to compliment a tan in summer. Winter, I just tend to match to my outfit!

What I used to create this look:

Eyes: primed with Urban Decay Primer Potion; shadow - Maybelline Eye Studio palette in Amethyst Ablaze; mascara - Rimmel London
Lips: Lancome Rouge in Love in 379N Rose Sulfureuse
Skin: instead of foundation I just wore Clarins Beauty Flash Balm to even out my complextion
Hair: gel courtesy of hubby, no idea the brand!

I have the perfect nail polish to go with this theme so hopefully I can mange to get part 2 up later this week!

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Bodytrim Jouney: week 9 - 2 months down, 8.4kgs lost (photo update included)

Another good week this week. Actually I was a little bit unwell on Mon and Tues - I think I had a touch of food poisoning or gastro as whatever I was eating was going straight through me which meant that I had to have a couple of bananas during the day. When you become a parent you learn all of this stuff about food that you had never known before as you try to manipulate the consistency and regularity of your kids poo- pears and apples work as a laxative if you are a little bit clogged and bananas are a binder so firm it up when its a bit loose. When I spoke to the nutritionist a few weeks ago she said that you should always put your health first. At the time I was about to get my wisdom tooth out and was worried about the prospect of eating meat with a sore jaw. She said that try to be as compliant as possible but the most important thing is to get nutrition in and to heal. I figured the same goes for illness. Artificial sweeteners can have a laxative effect so I avoid snacks that contained them and turned to bananas to bind things up! The rest of the week I was good. I stopped eating my Lindt chocolate and went back to eating compliant treats. I still managed to lose 0.6kgs this week.

Now that I have hit two months on Bodytrim I thought that it was time to do a photo update...just wait until you see photos. I am so proud of my progress! I still have a little way to go - my tummy still sticks out a bit more than I would like (think I might need to start planking again to get it flat - pre-kids I could do a 3 minute plank. Tried again recently and collapsed in a heap after 30 seconds. I could play the double Caesar card but if I am honest it is more the complete absence of any abdominal exercised in the last 4 years that is the likely culprit). If you are too excited to wait to see the photos scroll down now, otherwise they are after my results for the week.

My results for the week:

Weigh In:
Starting weight: 72.5kgs
Weight after week 1: 69.4kgs
Weight after week 2: 68.7kgs
Weight after week 3: 68.1kgs
Weight after week 4: 67.2kgs
Weight after week 5: 66.7kgs
Weight after week 6: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 7: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 8: 64.7kgs
Weight after week 9: 64.1kgs
Loss in last week = -0.6kgs

Total weight loss: -8.4kgs

Starting waist - 89cm
Waist after week 1: 83cm
Waist after week 2: 80cm
Waist after week 3: 79cm
Waist after week 4: 78cm
Waist after week 5: 76cm
Waist after week 6: 76cm
Waist after week 8: 74.5cm
Waist after week 9: 74.5cm
Loss in last week = 0cm 
Total Loss = -14.5cm

Starting hips - 105cm
Hips after week 1: 102 cm
Hips after week 2: 101.5cm
Hips after week 3: 99cm
Hips after week 4: 99cm
Hips after week 5: 99cm
Hips after week 6: 96.5cm
Hips after week 8: 96.5cm
Hips after week 9: 96cm
Loss in last week = 0cm
Total Loss = -8.5cm

Starting thighs - 57cm
Thighs after week 1: 54cm
Thighs after week 2: 54cm
Thighs after week 3: 53cm
Thighs after week 4: 52cm
Thighs after week 5: 53cm
Thighs after week 6: 50cm
Thighs after week 8: 50cm
Thighs after week 9: 49cm
Loss in last week = -1 cm
Total Loss = -8 cm

Starting arms - 29cm
Arms after week 1: 30cm
Arms after week 2: 30cm
Arms after week 3: 30cm
Arms after week 4: 30cm
Arms after week 5: 29cm
Arms after week 6: 29cm
Arms after week 8: 28.5cm
Arms after week 9: 28cm
Loss in last week = -0.5cm
Total loss = -1cm

Starting chest - 95cm
Chest after week 1: 93cm
Chest after week 2: 90cm
Chest after week 3: 90cm
Chest after week 4: 87cm
Chest after week 5: 87cm
Chest after week 6: 87cm
Chest after week 8: 85cm
Chest after week 9: 85cm
Loss in last week = 0cm
Total Loss = -10cm

Now for the photo update:

Left - before I started on Bodytrim, Right after 2 months, 8.4kgs lost 

Left - before I started on Bodytrim, Right after 2 months

Left - before I started on Bodytrim, Right after 2 months, 8.4kgs lost 

I am really happy to see the progress that I have made. I am especially happy with how my legs are looking! As I said before, I still have way to go, would like to lose more off the tummy but may need to do more exercise to get that flat. I will keep going with my journey until I reach my target of 62kgs then will assess from there whether I need to continue for a little bit longer or whether I need to do something like Bodysculpt. I'll let you know in 2.1kgs time!

Just thought that I would let you know that there are two new bars that have just been released in the Bodyytrim snack range - Choc Cherry and Choc Coconut (I have reviewed the rest of the snack range here if you missed it). I ate the cherry one before photographing it...sorry! But, it was my favourite - not quite as delicious as a cherry ripe bar but it definitely feels like a treat when you are eating it. The coconut one is nice too, though a little dry. Well, it is probably actually similar texture to the other bars I think I might have been hoping for a Bounty! I think the cherry bar has now over taken mint as my favourite. Coconut ranks ahead of choc fudge and on par with caramel.

Choc coconut protein bar

Bodytrim are giving away a months supply of the new bars on their Facebook page so check out their page if you want a chance of winning: The comp closes on Tues 20th August so don't leave it too long.

Next week it is hubby's birthday on Sunday so I am not expecting it to be a good week for me. Now that he understand the concept of them, The Crazy Kid is really into birthdays and so it is a lot of fun making a fuss about them. On Friday we will be baking Daddy some spider cupcakes and catching the bus to his work in Manly to give them to him. Whilst there, we will probably have some fish and chips on the beach. Then on Sunday the family will get together to celebrate. To complete the hat trick, we will probably squeeze a celebration in with our friends on the Saturday. No one is going to appreciate meat cakes so I plan on enjoying the weekend and then getting back to business once it is over. I would love to drop even just 200g to take me below 64kgs and therefore below the weight I was when I fell pregnant with Crazy but I suspect that, after 3 days of cake, I will most likely gain a little bit. Depending on how much or if I gain, I may follow next weekends cake fest with the carb detox again but if I manage to maintain my weight I will just continue as I have been. 

Follow the rest of my journey here