Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sephora Australia rumour...

I have just returned from my trip to Hawaii (hence going AWOL again!) and before I get into my haul posts there is something else I need to tell you. I might have some exciting news, though could possibly be just spreading another rumour that may actually never eventuate (I hope not). When I was in Sephora for the second or third time (I managed to squeeze in 3 visits in about 4 days though did not get an especially impressive haul as my beauty stash at home is bordering on ridiculous!), I was whinging to the sales assistant that there were so many great brands in here that I just couldn't get back home and that Sephora won't ship to Australia. She then told me that she had heard a rumour that Sephora would be opening a store in either Sydney (I hope so!) or Melbourne by the end of the year and that once a store does open it will mean that you will then be able to order online Australia wide. Admittedly the prices we will be paying will be Australian prices which I suspect won't be as pleasing on the wallet as American prices; however, I am mostly excited about getting access to brands such as Urban Decay, Make Up For Ever and easier access to Philosophy.

I don't know how much to believe about this rumour - I mean, would this sales assistant really have inside information into Sephora's expansion plans? We can always live in hope, can't we.

If the Sephora rumours are true, what is the first product that you would purchase when it lands Down Under?