Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bloom Leap Day sale: 40% off between 9.00-11.00am

Another top Australian company having a Leap Day sale is Bloom Cosmetics. The image below will have all the codes you need to get your massive discounts!

Bloom products are gorgeous. I have been using them on and off since they first hit Myers (back when they used to sell candle and soap making kits!) but I particularly love their nail polishes (previous reviewed here). They are such good quality and the have an amazing array of colours - over 80 - so, at nearly half price now is a great time to stock up. But get in quick - the 40% discount is only until 11.00am, then it drops to 30% (still a bargain though!).

I have now told you about 2 Leap day sales - Bloom and Pod Puraceuticals. If I come across any more I'll make sure to update here ASAP!

I have no affiliation with Bloom and received no remuneration for my comments.