Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Paris Hilton launches a skincare range

I recently saw on Beauty Directory that Paris Hilton was developing a skincare range. Before you double check which blog you are reading - yes, you are still reading The Science of Beauty. I know, Paris Hilton and science don't go hand in hand. Indeed, I imagine that the extent of her scientific input into the range would be the directive 'Umm scientist dudes, you know how I am like so beautiful, well can you discover a cure for ugliness so that other people can be beautiful like me?' Perhaps I am being a tad harsh but Ms Hilton didn't exactly project the most intelligent image on The Simple Life. Anyway, I was a bit intrigued by what this range may contain so thought that I would look into it further.

After having a bit of a Google, the only information I could get on the range was the following quote: “We’re developing a skincare line. It’s a new product that we’re working on but it’s the top-of-the line technology,” says Paris. “I have been taking really good care of my skin so I will have products that are amazing for yours.”. So, at this stage I can't really find out too much. With the finances available to Paris I imagine that the line probably with have some serious science behind it, though I do hope that Paris isn't the spokesman for it as I don't see her being able to portray just what this 'top-of-the line technology' is. I guess we will just have to wait to find out exactly what, if anything, is so good about this range.

I am also intrigued to know just who would purchase a skincare line with Paris Hilton's name on it. If you wanted skincare with cutting edge technology, wouldn't you just turn to one of the big cosmetic houses that already have a good reputation? I do have to confess, though, I am guilty of owning one of her perfumes. I sniffed it on a whim at Myers one day, ready to scoff at how bad it was, only to accidentally fall in love. I console myself with the thought that Paris would have had very little involvement in the perfumes development, other that to put her name on it. So it is likely the skincare range will be the same. Perhaps I will sample this range at a department store, ready to poo poo it, only to find out that it is in fact amazing.

So, would you be keen to try Paris Hilton's skincare line?