Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Product review: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum and Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturiser

I have been sitting on my review Elizabeth Arden's Prevage® Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum and Prevage® Day Ultra Protection Anti-ageing Moisturiser with Sunscreens for about a year now. I started writing it, got distracted and have just rediscovered at the bottom of my unpublished drafts. I thought that it was about time that I dusted it off and published it as this was a bloody good product!

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage® Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum RRP $195 30ml, $265 50ml
What they say:  PREVAGE® transforms anti-ageing skincare with advanced Idebenone technology, the most powerful antioxidant available today* with an EPF® rating of 95. Re-engineered to help maintain a reserve within the skin to protect and correct skin's appearance when and where needed most. Measurably diminishes the appearance of lines, wrinkles, minor scars, redness, age spots and sun damage so skin looks younger than ever.
PREVAGE® Face addresses major skincare concerns with proven results:
• Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and discolourations appear reduced.
• Redness and minor scars and existing sun damage look minimized.
• Skin looks firmer and more radiant.
*When compared to alpha lipoic acid, kinetin, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

What I say: When you have tried a lot of products you tend to get used to the claims made by the cosmetic company and most of the time don't expect the product to actually deliver on all of them. I was expecting this to be the case with Prevage. Prevage proved me wrong.

So what did it promise? Prevage promised to dramatically minimise the appearance of lines, wrinkles, discolourations and sun damaged skin. It did all of this.

Earlier in the year I noticed that the skin on my cheeks was starting to look slightly crepey - probably not noticeable to others but it came as a shock to me. In addition, a smile line had developed between my nose and mouth. Since using this serum (and the matching moisturiser) my cheeks have completely lost that crepiness and the skin is completely smooth. Plus the smile line has almost completely vanished (and not from lack of smiling!) - it is now only noticeable to me when I really scrutinise it in the mirror. I still have smile lines around my eyes but these are honestly the only noticeable lines on my face.

I initially trialled this for about 3 weeks so was not expecting it to have much effect on my pigmentation. I had quite dark patches on my forehead, that were made a lot worse during pregnancy. The pigmentation has not disappeared but it is dramatically reduced. Before there was quite a stark line defining the pigmented area. Now I can kind of see some discolouration but it is no where near what it was like prior to this trial. As I continued to use the serum beyond the initial 3 week trial, my pigmentation continued to improve. Over summer my pigmentation usually gets dramatically worse. Even when I wear sunscreen, incidental exposure causes my pigmentation to become really noticeable. That wasn't the case the summer I used this serum. It remained only slightly visible.

The packaging this product comes in is brilliant. It is a pump pack that uses airless technology so that your product doesn't become contaminated and so lasts longer. When you are paying $195 this is really reassuring to know. Initially I was applying too much of this product and it was leaving my skin looking shiny. I soon worked out that only 1 pump is sufficient to do the entire face and a second pump is all that is needed to do the neck and chest. Once I got the dosage right, it was so easy to use - 1 pump left my skin looking glowing and dewy. I don't usually wear foundation and I found that it look beautiful without it. The serum instantly leaves my skin feeling velvety. It is not at all greasy or sticky, but smooth and silky. It is a real pleasure to apply.

The serum only has a subtle scent, which is quite lovely - it kind of reminds me of cucumbers. The scent doesn't linger on the skin at all which is fantastic.

I took great pleasure in using this serum. It felt lovely to use plus I was buoyed by the results I was seeing straight away. Things that had annoyed me about my skin were no longer present and this was exciting to see.

I think with continued use of this, starting from when the first signs of ageing are appearing, you could really halt the signs of ageing delay the onset of it being a real area of concern.
I wouldn't hesitate to use this product again. Ok, I would hesitate slightly at the price, but I honestly believe that this is worth paying good money for. If you are concerned about lines and pigmentation, this is going to address those concerns. So you are better off forking out money on something you know will work then experimenting with cheaper options without the desired results. Plus, a little bit goes a long way (I think the 30ml bottle should last 4-5 months of twice daily use on the face, or 2-3 months if you also use it on the neck/chest). If you need to budget what you spend on skincare, then I recommend purchasing this serum but using a less expensive moisturiser with really good sun protection - if you are not doing further damage to your skin then this serum will still be able to repair the damage that has already been done.


Prevage® Day Ultra Protection Anti-ageing Moisturiser with Sunscreens RRP $195 50ml

What they say: The world is full of skin-damaging assaults and free radicals, unleashed by the sun and the environment. Put up your guard and help protect your skin with new PREVAGE® Day.

Defy dryness with a unique hydrating complex to help attract and lock in moisture.
  • Neutralize free radicals with Idebenone, proven as the most powerful antioxidant available today*, with an EPF® rating of 95. Deflect environmental assaults, your first line of defense against visible aging signs.
Team up the protective benefits of PREVAGE® Day with PREVAGE® Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum to fight aging signs and diminish the appearance of existing sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations. Proof...not promises.™

*When compared to alpha lipoic acid, kinetin, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

What I say: I was given both this moisturiser and the Prevage serum to trial as part of the BeautyHeaven trial team and I must say that they work beautifully together.

This moisturiser came in a really convenient pump pack that uses airless technology so that the product doesn't get contaminated and so lasts longer. It took me a little bit of experimenting to work out but only 1 pump of product is required to moisturise the whole face.

I was dubious as to whether the one pump of moisturiser would provide sufficient SPF, however, since using the moisturiser my face hasn't gotten sunburned although I haven't had any major sun exposure (just half an hour walking outside here and there). The SPF is more than adequate to protect you from incidental sun exposure. If you are going to be in the sun for prolonged periods then I would apply a specific suncream on top of this moisturiser.

The moisturiser has very little smell - just a faint sunscreeny smell, that is quite pleasant. The scent doesn't linger for long after application which is another plus.

The moisturiser was very easy to apply. One pump did the whole face and it melted straight into my skin. It wasn't even slightly oily and it left my skin with a gorgeous sheen as if it contained light reflecting particles. Initially I was using 2 pumps, then 1.5 pumps and both of these amounts left my skin looking too shiny and feeling slightly sticky. As soon I reduced it to 1 pump, it was perfect. The instructions actually said to use a pea sized amount of the product but that seemed way too little, but in actual fact it is perfect.

This moisturiser claimed to lock in moisturise to enhance the benefits of the serum - and it did exactly that. My skin looks plump and rehydrated. When using this product, I would initially apply the serum then leave that for about a minute to sink in then I would apply the moisturiser. The combination left my skin satin smooth, hydrated, my fine lines became plumped out and no longer visible and my pigmentation became much less noticeable.

This moisturiser is ideal for use in conjunction with the serum as it enhances the results of the serum. The serum is designed for skin that is showing the first signs of ageing - ie skin with fine lines and pigmentation or an uneven complexion. So this moisturiser is perfect for anyone who is concerned with the first signs of ageing.

I would definitely buy this moisturiser again, mostly because I saw definite results with the serum and believe that this moisturiser would further enhance the actions of the serum. If you can only afford one, then the serum would probably be the one to buy due to the dramatic results it produces. However, I believe the results of the serum would be optimal if used in conjunction with the moisturiser.

 Have you tried Prevage before? Did you notice positive results as well?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. These products were provided for review as part of BeautyHeavens Trial Team.