Friday, 9 September 2011

The Beauty Blog Directory

I have been running a Beauty Blog Hop for the last few weekends and each week it has been gaining in popularity. It has got me thinking - wouldn't it be nice to have a permanent list of beauty blogs - a Beauty Blog Directory! So, here it is!

If you would like your beauty blog added to the directory then please leave a comment with your:
1. Blog title
2. Blog URL
3. A brief sentence summarising the purpose of your blog (it can be your blog tag line if you like)
4. What country you are from. If you would also like to add your city and state, I will include that with your listing - that way you may be able to discover the fellow bloggers in your local area.

Please make sure that your blog title and URL are correct as I will be cutting and pasting it to add it to the list. The only rule is that you blog must have some sort of beauty content ie you don't have to solely post about beauty but as long as you do occasionally (say, at least once a week) then you are welcome to join. I'd also LOVE it if you followed me; however, this is not compulsory for you to have your blog listed as I only want you following me if you are interested in my blog!

I will be listing the blogs alphabetically by country and hope to update it daily. I will reply to your comment once your blog has been added but there is always a chance I will miss some so check back in a couple of days and give me a gentle nudge if it isn't up. Please check back regularly to discover new blogs.

Finally, I have created a Beauty Blog Directory button if you would like to add it to your blog. You can grab the code for it at the bottom of my right sidebar.

The Beauty Blog Directory

  • A Broken Jar (Sydney. NSW) A laid-back beauty and makeup blog from a beauty therapist in training!
  • Adore Beauty PRO (Melbourne) For makeup artists, aspiring makeup artists and beauty junkies.
  • All things beauty by Tiarni Thoughts,reviews,makeuplooks and all beauty related things inbetween by a hairdresser/makeupartist
  • Australian Beauty (Adelaide) I review Australian beauty products from all price ranges, to get the word out there about some great local products that perhaps people might ordinarily walk by because they know nothing about them, however I blog about international brands as well. 
  • Australian Beauty Review A blog written by a certified makeup artist sharing her passion for all things beauty. On this blog you will find honest product reviews, makeup tutorials and even the odd fashion post.  
  • Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter (Melbourne, VIC) A blog about my treasures within beauty, fashion, trends and interior design. Includes product news and honest product reviews.
  • Beauty Bargain Queen (QLD) Beauty reviews, beauty samples, product launches, fashion events
  • Beauty by Belle (QLD) Beauty Reviews and product news
  • Beauty Down Under (Perth, WA) Beauty tips, tricks and reviews from an Aussie girl who loves makeup.  
  • Beauty Cat Castle (Perth, Western Australia ) A blog about learning to step into the world of beauty, makeup and skincare from the perspective of a gamer girl.
  • Beauty in a bottle (Sydney. NSW) My blog is about all things beauty. You name it, I've either tried it, read about it or want it.
  • Beauty in the Sky :Beauty blog written by a flight attendant who has an unhealthy obsession with beauty products.
  • Beauty Ratatouille  (Melbourne, VIC) Beauty, life and other treats. A focus on Ethical, Australian and Natural beauty
  • Beautyzest (Sydney, Australia) Beauty Zest is a celebration of beauty & life; a space built on the belief that beauty is not just a product, but a lifestyle & that seeking out the beauty in all things is a worthwhile pursuit.
  • Becoming beautiful (Adelaide) Because everybody can be beautiful - and not just the ones who are fair skinned and size 0
  • bellaMUMMA {*life is beauty-full}... beauty + fashion + homes + lifestyle + me & my beauty-full family!
  • Blushfully (QLD) "Embracing the passion for beauty... it's still you, but better" - makeup, skincare, products reviews and thoughts, at times poetic moments and pieces of life in photos.
  • breathebeauty (VIC) Beauty blog where you can find honest product reviews, how-to's, hauls and other beauty related things!
  • Claire De Blog (QLD) Beauty reviews, eye looks and random other posts
  • Confessions of a beauty addict Writing about all things beauty from moisturiser to makeup to nailpolish and beyond. 
  • Daddys little ghoul (Sydney, Australia) A beauty blog, with a goth twist
  • Delilah Hair Studio (Melbourne) check out some photo's of our wonderful clients and their rocking doo's! And read some great stories along the way!
  • Digital Beauty (Adelaide) Digital Beauty is a beauty blog about Dermalogica Skin Care, Skin Care Advice and Beauty Tips and Ingredient know-how from a Skin Care Guru
  • Don't They Know Who I Am? (Perth, WA): A highly silly and hopefully entertaining traipse through beauty, skincare and ridiculously exciting product packaging
  • emmabovarybeauty (Melbourne) A Melbourne girl blogging about the things in life that make it beautiful, flat white in hand!
  • Fables in Fashion (Melbourne, VIC) Expressing myself through makeup, beauty, cosplay and fashion through videos and blog posts
  • Fashion Fantabulous (Sutherland Shire, Sydney, NSW) A blog dedicated to beauty, make-up, fashion and all round girl-i-ness
  • Glitz, Glam, and Baby Poo (Melbourne, Vic - originally LA) An entertaining blog about a new mom sharing reviews on baby items, makeup, and life experiences. 
  • Her Journey To The Land of Polish A girl blogging her journey to the "land of polish" 
  • La Vie, Style et Beaute (QLD) Life, Style and Beauty
  • Lady Sapphire Blog (NSW) Im a beauty newbie from country Australia. I may be new but my passion is strong. My blog is my outlet to share this passion with the world
  • Lather Rinse Repeat (Sydney, but still in an Adelaide mind-set) A beauty blog that's a little silly, but certainly not stupid!
  • Leahs Land (QLD): Teen blogger from Australia with a love of makeup, beauty, and all things between!
  • Lemon Tart Tree (Sydney) Discovering beauty, in and around you. Join me in this journey as I discover things beautiful - make up, skincare, how to's, food, events, people, gadgets, or anything that can bring you that sweet smile
  • Life Is Too Short To Buy Cheap Skincare (Sydney, NSW) A blog all about my unhealthy obsession with everything in the wonderful world of beauty
  • LiveShopTravel (Sydney) A blog about life experiences, Shopping and Travelling (covering beauty and fashion as well)
  • Love from Shell (Perth, Western Australia) A blog by a Perth girl who is taken by anything a little left of centre, with an endless appetite for make-up and all things vintage.
  • Lucinda's Beauty Blog (QLD): Beauty on a budget. Reviews, How-To's and more!
  • Madame B Fatale (QLD) Makeup & Hair, Video Tutorials and Reviews
  • Make Me Up Mandy (Hunter Valley, NSW) A beauty blog and funny mum blog all rolled into one. I am young and I am mom so please join me on my ride whichever one you are :)
  • Makeup & things by olgiepolgie (Sydney, NSW): A (sometimes lengthy) look at makeup, nails, hair and other pretty girly things.       
  • Makeup and Macaroons (Sydney, NSW): A beauty blog from a lover of makeup, and macaroons. Expect posts about both. Mainly makeup really, who am I kidding.
  • Makeup & Me (VIC) A uni student with a love of cosmetics, working her way through the beauty world with reviews, hauls and more!
  • Makeup by Sara-May (Blue Mountains, NSW) "I'm sorry, I don't have a magic wand. Will a makeup brush do?" Tips, trick and opinions about makeup from a working Makeup Artist.
  • Makeup Down Under A beauty & fashion blog of a very frank, honest aussie mum.
  • Makeup Tips Makeup tips, tricks, how tos and the occasional review!
  • Max The Unicorn (Adelaide, SA) A blog about beauty (makeup, skincare, hauls, favourites, manicures, reviews), movies, celebrities and the odd unicorn
  • Me my best and I (Bondi, Sydney): Straight up beauty, make-up and hair talk, served on the rocks with a twist of humour and a side order of fabulousness Join me on this journey of trial and error to being the best me I can be for me. My best is yet to come!
  • More Than Adored A make up enthusiast, posts about all things beauty and fashion.
  • MsBilliLili's Beauty Blog I am a certified makeup artist who make beauty related videos on YouTube. I create easy to follow makeup tutorials, do honest product reviews and even do some fashion posts as well. I recently created a blog so feel free to stop by and join me on my journey as a beauty lover 
  • Msmadamemakeup (Sydney, NSW): Beauty Blogger, Youtuber, hairdresser, makeup artist & mum!
  • MsSparkleArkle - Beauty Enthusiast (Melbourne) pursuit of premium beauty products that deliver
  • My Funny Valentine (NSW) Beauty and Skin Care blog. You'll find reviews, makeup looks, DIY skin care projects, and .... stuff :)
  • My Little Space (Central Coast, NSW) My little spot to write about anything and everything that takes my fancy, be it beauty, books or just life in general.
  • Peachs Beauty (Sydney, NSW) Student blogger who loves sharing her thoughts about makeup, skincare, haircare and whatever else tickles her fancy!
  • Pink Diva Beauty (Central Coast, NSW) Written by a professional Makeup Artist, Pink Diva Beauty contains honest product and treatment reviews, news, offers and beauty how-to's.  
  • Protecting Paws (Brisbane, QLD) A social worker, cat lover and excessive lipstick purchaser. Embarking on a natural beauty and living journey 
  • Rebeccathinguyen (NSW) All about beauty and cosmetics, review and fun :)
  • Seduced by Beauty (Adelaide, South Australia) Seduced by Beauty is written by Kate a '40 something' beauty blogger from Australia who is seduced by beauty everywhere.
  • Sew is Life (Perth, Western Australia ) Musings of a corporate woman turned DIY domestic goddess, writing about fashion, beauty, DIY projects (sewing), organic living, interior design and life.
  • Shop It Snazzy Classy shopping ideas and reviews for the cosmetically-inclined girly girl
  • SoMAKEUPurMind (Brisbane, QLD) Candid commentary on life and beauty by two Aussie twenty-somethings.
  • Sophie's Maze (Victoria) love makeup and I'm obsessed with skincare. At the ripe young age of 28 I'm weaving my way through the maze that is beauty. Join me on my journey.  
  • Spoilt (Central Coast, NSW) an Australian women's lifestyle blog with a focus on fashion & beauty.
  • Starling Bright (Perth WA) Makeup & Metal - A Chicks Opinion
  • Such A Beautiful Life (Melbourne, VIC) Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Aunty. Friend. Amateur photographer. Lover of all things beauty.
  • Sui Rose (Brisbane/Sunshine Coast, Queensland) An eclectic mix of pretty things, people and places, as well as beauty product reviews and news for you!
  • Tea with Mia (QLD) Makeup, skin care and hair care reviews, discoveries, favourites and shopping diary on a beauty budget
  • Teganias Thoughts (Brisbane, QLD) Thoughts of a beauty obsessive
  • tenkerialc (QLD) Beauty reviews, eye looks and random other posts
  • The Best Beauty Blog (Melbourne, VIC) A beauty and fashion blog for women of all ages!
  • The busy girls guide to beauty (QLD) An Aussie girl obsessed with beauty products, fashion, style and youtube beauty guru's
  • That Lovely Face (QLD) Makeup, skin care and hair care reviews, discoveries, favourites and shopping diary on a beauty budget.
  • The Made Up Maiden (Melbourne, VIC) A blog to describe my beauty adventures and escapades, and anything else that may take my fancy along the way...
  • The Makeup Case (Sydney, NSW): A pair of makeup artists dedicated to all things makeup, products we love, what inspires us and how to's
  • The Perfect Pixie (Melbourne) A quirky, honest blog about all things beauty
  • The Prime Of Miss Laura Jane (Jamberoo, NSW - originally from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada ) My blog is mainly a beauty & fashion blog :)
  • The Science of Beauty (Sydney, NSW): A blog describing the science behind new break-throughs, theories and products in the beauty world.
  • The Shopping Queen A beauty blog that holds the owner accountable for all their beauty shopping. Hauls, swatches and reviews
  • The Vanity Bag Diaries ... (Sydney, NSW): Hi, I am Saumya. I blog about makeup, beauty, hauls and more.
  • The Yummy Mummy Blog (Perth, WA) Local and international beauty and make up blog posts!
  • This and that Nails my blog is about nail polish and nail art designs. although i do plan to put product reviews as well!
  • Ty's Blog of Epiphanies Raving from shoes to art, beauty to enlightening facts and theories of life...
  • Wellness WA (Perth, WA) Wellness WA is the online destination for beauty, health & wellbeing in Perth & Western Australia.
  • Yeah, yeah, ragger, ragger..... (Innisfail, QLD) Stay at home/work at home mum of two, interested in everything "BEAUTY"-FUL :) Somewhere to jot down all things I am passionate about. My little space to rant, rave and ramble on about this and that. Most of all, just to share my thoughts with the world!
  • You Little Beauty Brand new blog of a part time student, part time professional muddling her way through the world of beauty. Great for people on a budget and those new to makeup and skincare.
  • chichichocho nail addicts fun and easy japanese inspired nail design and life's other fun things
  • Reviews by Abielle Tips & Reviews on under reviewed products for those with relaxed hair but a natural (green) bias. Looks at everything from local to international cosmetics. 
  • (Montreal, Quebec) Makeup and beauty blog by a makeup artist. Makeup tips, Makeup video tutorials, beauty tips, virtual makeover, new products and reviews, beauty trends and more...

  • Les annees de la jeunesse Im a teen, writing about many things, included daily outfits, new garments, and occasionaly my favourite make up brands.
  • Colours of Letti (Debrecen) A beauty blog focusing on make-up - products, tests, hauls, FOTDs
  • Do Bandar (Bangalore, India) We make 100% natural, handmade body care products, under the name 'Do Bandar', which in Hindi (India's national language) means 'Two Monkeys. We help you care for your skin. After all, its what you live in! 100% natural, handmade body care products.
  • How to be Naturally Beautiful Provide expert tips & tricks to be Naturally Beautiful. 
  • Poutpretty In my blog, you will find beauty & makeup related product reviews (I’m a self confessed ‘lipstickaholic’ so there will be a lot of stuff about lippies), information about new launches, sale alerts, fashion tidbits, shopping recommendations etc etc ..basically anything and everything that I find pretty!
New Zealand
  • Balmain Beauty (Sydney, Australia originally but I'm living in the New Zealand at the moment) I like makeup, beauty products, nail polish, books, cooking, films, music (its a blog about lots of things not just beauty)

  • Barefoot Ambisiosa Beauty blog of a newly minted makeup enthusiast
  • Dainty MD (Manila) A medical student's take on beauty and makeup. :)

South America
  • IN2Gloss (Suriname) A lifestyle blog with creative make-up looks, YouTube videos, advice, delicious recipes and fitness journeys.

  • Aussie Girl (Sydney, Australia originally but I'm living in the United Kingdom at the moment) I like makeup, beauty products, nail polish, books, cooking, films, music (its a blog about lots of things not just beauty) 
  • Bella Beauty Blog (Dublin, Ireland) An insiders view on all things beautiful.
  • Deceptive Beauty Beauty reviews - without deception. Pure, honest, beauty reviews.
  • Funky Makeup Junkie (Lakenheath, UK): Makeup, cats, kimono, and everything in between.
  • Glitz and Glamour Makeup For the makeup addict in all of us Glitz and Glamour offers honest makeup reviews, fantastic beauty competitions, interviews with top celebrities in the beauty world, features and how to videos. If you're struggling with a beauty concern why not email it over and I'll answer you as soon as I can!
    Holly's Beauty Box my name is Holly, im a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. i do loads of different reviews and tips with a little addition of my personality too :)

  • Ithinity Beauty (Somerset) Ithinity Beauty is a beauty blog containing frequent manicures and nail art and cosmetic makeup looks. I am going to be working on adding more tutorials very soon as well as a weekly make up look taken from a celebrity picture. I am also taking part in reviews and challenges! 
  • Life In A Break Down (England): The things I love and want to shout about to you
  • Love Lust & Fairy Dust: I am a qualified beauty therapist, although I no longer work in the industry. I have worked as an air hostess and am currently an investigator. I love and lust after anything new in the beauty industry, I hope that fairy dust will bring me all that my heart desires.
  • Make Me Up Kia (South of England): My blog is beauty related but what makes it different is that I illustrate beauty products  
  • Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog (Northern Ireland) Beauty blog by a work at home mum with a passion for make-up, perfume, skincare & hair products. Reviews, swatches, FOTD, NOTD, tutorials & general musings :)
  • Styliche - Fashion and Beauty The writings of a 20 year old, self confessed fashion and beauty addict!
  • The Pretty Beautiful - Beauty Blog (Leeds) I review beauty products, interview other product junkies and try out looks!
  • Wardrobes and Handbags (England) Fashionista and makeup enthusiast, always looking for the next big cosmetic product and fashion trend. Follow me for your daily dose of recommendations, product reviews, tutorials and a bucket-full of opinionated fashion and beauty tripe.
  • You Little Beauty (UK but originally Tasmania, Australia) Beauty, Fashion, and anything pretty! I swatch, review and have a little ramble about whatever pops into my head
  • ZOZEZE Everything beauty from impulse buys to well thought out purchases.

  • A Product Junkies Blog (NH): I own a lot of products. So why not share my experiences with you? Hauls, minimal fashion and Whats in My Bag posts thrown in to sweeten the mix.
  • BEAUTY OBSESSED (Connecticut, USA) I post about product reviews, tutorials, beauty tips, beauty articles, monthly favorites, nail looks of the week, everything beauty related, etc.
  • Beauty Product Review (California) I will be reviewing various hair, skin, and makeup products and giving you recommendations on what has worked for me and what hopefully works for you too!
  • Best Organic Skin Care (Charleston, SC) We are dedicated to educating the public about the best organic skin care products. We will publish reviews, ingredients, photos and just about anything else that will help you choose skin care products that will not only make your skin look healthy, but be healthy.
  • fair beauty (St. Louis, MO) fair beauty is a blog where lighter complected adies can see how products look and work on fair skin.
  • Handmade Reviews Beauty blog featuring product reviews, launches and news
  • Hboo-Hboo! (a very southern state) Swatches, reviews of beauty products from drugstore to luxury, and lots of photos.
  • Holleewood Hair (Carson City, NV) Everything HAIR! I am a licensed cosmetologists sharing my love about HAIR with the world. My blog covers everything about hair including styles, tutorials, news articles about hair, science, etc.
  • Lilladylife (New York City, NY) Beauty blog on a make up obsessed person, with random posts involving bits of my life, and occasional fashion - all girly things!
  • Lipstick and Luxury (New York, NY) Lipstick and Luxury invites women over 30 to live life luxuriously!
  • Lipstick Musings (Georgia) Skin care and makeup reviews and swatches from a Lipstick Diva
  • Lovesong for My Lipgloss (California) Escapades of one girl in a cosmetic jungle. I try to feature high end and hard to find brands as well as new and different products
  • Makeup Merriment Beauty blog featuring budget to high end beauty goodies, swatches, reviews and fun giveaways
  • Moxie Reviews™ Beauty blog that reviews organic & natural products that are cruelty free.
  • My Newest Addiction Makeup enthusiast that shares her loves in the form of an online diary.
  • Nuts 4 Stuff Blog A blog to beautify a woman's life sharing everything that I'm nuts about (cosmetics, fragrances, skin care, tips, reviews, plus exciting giveaways and more!
  • Peppermint Lips Beauty Blog Everything beauty related! Reviews, makeup tutorials, skin, hair & body care and more!
  • Pink Tattoo Pink Tattoo mixes [pink] to help you show off your girly side & [tattoo] expressing your creative, self expression of decorating your body. Pink Tattoo will give you the newest nail polishes, designs, and coolest nail techniques. We will also bring you the hottest make-up, make-up styles, hairstyles, and products. Plus whatever else to help make you stand out from the crowd or catch someone's eye!
  • Snowflake Says... (San Diego, CA) I love doing makeup looks, sharing nail polish swatches & nail art, reviewing products & giving you my honest opinion! I always have big clear photos for you to see =) I'm going to become a cruelty free blog soon, so stay tuned!
  • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog Scent. Style. Skin.
  • The Passenger Element (Michigan) A mish mash of beauty, kitty cats, music, life :)
  • True Beauty: The Facts About Glamor Beauty and Health information, tips, advice and the importance of natural / homeopathic remedies, food, vitamins and supplements to enhance your appearance.
  • XtinaHayden (Arlington, TX) A fashion and beauty blog with makeup tutorials, haul videos, product reviews and tips and tricks.

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