Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Get $500 the E-One at home Laser Hair Removal machine

I have been trialling the E-One at home laser hair removal machine and so far the results are amazing. I have been using it on my legs and bikini line and there are already bald, hairless patches visible and this is after only two session. I have had salon laser hair removal before and this feels very similar. You get the same 'flicking rubber band' stinging sensation and then the hair all starts die off and to drop out about a week later.

I will be writing a full and in depth review but just needed to get a quick post out to let you all know that E-One currently has a HUGE Valentine's Day promotion where they have knocked $500 off the price of the E-One. Normally the E-One retails for $2495 but until 18/2/14 you can get it for $1995.

Hopefully I will get my full review up tonight.

The E-One can be purchased from www.e-one.com.au. They have a few different payment options as well, so if you don't have $1995 at your disposal at the moment can still take advantage of the great deal - you can also pay in 3 monthly installments of 50% - 25% - 25% or 5 monthly installments of 20% per month.

Would you prefer to be permanently hair free or do you not mind a bit of fuzz? I want hair free legs, underarms and bikini line so that I don't ever have to remember to shave again!!