Sunday, 22 December 2013

The latest cleansing brush in town: Philips VisaPure

If you have never given a cleansing device a go, it is high time that you did - they really do enhance your cleansing routine without adding much more time to the process.

The first cleansing brush that I tried was the Clarisonic (reviewed here); but I think that I might have found  new favourite in the Philips VisaPure. The Philips VisaPure is a waterproof electric cleansing brush that can be used in the shower. It has two speeds - normal and deep cleanse (faster oscillation). You can alternate between these by clicking the grey button on the brush. The brush head oscillates for 20 seconds then pauses briefly as an indicator to move on to the next facial area. It does this three times, so the cleansing process goes for 1 minute - though I usually use it for an additional 20 seconds. Philips state that VisaPure is ten times more effective than cleansing the face by hand.

I was actually sent the VisaPure to review, just before we put our home on the market. Selling our place would have to have been the most intense 6 weeks of my life. The stress of keeping the place clean with Kiki and Crazy around; along with the unknown of how it would go (we chose to sell at auction so had the full 4 week campaign) left me exhausted beyond belief. During this time I did not cleanse my skin once. I had to pack away all of my beauty products during the open inspections, and, come the evening, I barely had the energy left in me to brush my teeth, let alone do any more. Surprisingly, my skin didn't look too bad after all of that neglect. It was a bit dull; lots of flakeys; super congested on the nose and chin but, other than that, no major blemishes.

Although I said that my skin got through it's cleansing hibernation relatively blemish free, I was still pretty keen to tackle the blackhead farm that I had cultivated. As soon as I was allowed to start getting all of my products out I busted the VisaPure out and got to work on my skin. After the first use, my skin instantly felt smoother and lost it's dullness but it took a couple of weeks of use before the blackheads on my nose started to diminish.

I have used it with both a foaming cleanser and a cream cleanser and prefer it with a cream cleanser - it feels a little more gentle. Just as when you use a foaming cleanser on its own it leaves you skin feeling squeaky clean, the same effect is achieved with the VisaPure. I prefer the softer smooth feeling of a cream cleanser. other than face feel, both cleanser types worked fine with the VisaPure so you could keep using your normal cleanser.

I tend to use the VisaPure every second day, although was using it daily initially. It is gentle enough to be used daily.

How the VisaPure differs from the Clarisonic

  • the major difference is the brush head size - it is a fair bit smaller on the VisaPure compared with the Clarisonic. I preferred the smaller brush head as it was much better at getting into the corners of my nose which is a real problem area for me. I think the Clarisonic brush head would be better on larger areas such as the cheeks; however, this is not an area of concern for me.
  • the shape of the brush body is quite different - VisaPure is long and narrow compared with the more ergonomic shaped Clarisonic. to be perfectly honest, I have no preference for either shape. When using the devices, neither felt easier to use or more clumsy. Both work perfectly for the job at hand.
  • charging - the VisaPure clips into a charging dock (so stands with the brush head facing down) whilst the Clarisonic has a magnetic charging device that just (magnetically) clicks onto the side of the device. The Clarisonic charger is easier to use as you can just leave the device on it's side and click on the charger - there is no balancing getting it upright.
  • Both are water proof and so can be used in the shower. In fact, I have left both devices in the shower until they need charging.
For me, it really came down to the brush head size - the area of most concern on my skin is my nose and the VisaPure was best at addressing this area.

I found that using the VisaPure didn't really add to my cleansing time yet it dramatically improved my cleansing results. My skin was definitely smoother on the days I used it compared with days when I didn't.

The Philips VisaPure can be purchased exclusively from The Shaver Shop for $199.

Do you use a cleansing brush in your skincare routine?