Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Bodytrim Journey: week 13

I am starting to think that I have reached a weight that my body is happy at as I only dropped 100g last week. Though, it was Dad's birthday on the weekend (we are right in the middle of cake season in my family!), and I did make some pretty awesome 'Grandpa' and in doing so may have picked at the lollies a little bit too much. It was on my free day so I wasn't too concerned. What is good about this is that it shows that if I am fairly compliant during the week, then I can let loose a little bit on my free day and it doesn't affect my weight too much. It really comes down to choices - if I chose to eat well during the week it gives me the flexibility to eat what I would like on the weekend. It is when I eat what I like 24/7 that I suddenly find myself 6kgs over weight.

Weigh In:
Starting weight: 72.5kgs
Weight after week 1: 69.4kgs
Weight after week 2: 68.7kgs
Weight after week 3: 68.1kgs
Weight after week 4: 67.2kgs
Weight after week 5: 66.7kgs
Weight after week 6: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 7: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 8: 64.7kgs
Weight after week 9: 64.1kgs
Weight after week 10: 63.4kgs
Weight after week 11: 63.1kgs
Weight after week 12: 62.9kgs
Weight after week 13: 62.8kgs
Loss in last week = -0.1kgs
Total weight loss: 9.7kgs

I am super happy with how I have gone on this journey. I can't believe that I have lost nearly 10kgs. This is actually meant to be my final week on the weight loss phase of Bodytrim - when I started, I chose my birthday as my goal end date and that is this Sunday. I hope that I can lose 300g next week to bring it to an even 10kgs weight loss, that would be cool! Next week I will update with measurements and photos so you can see how far I have come.

The super awesome 'Grandpa' cupcakes

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