Thursday, 5 September 2013

My Bodytrim Journey: week 11

Wow. I can't believe that it has already been 11 weeks since I started Bodytrim. Perhaps what is more amazing is that in that time I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have had chocolate. Prior to commencing Bodytrim, in the space of 11 weeks of would have consumed chocolate no less than 77 times; now, maybe 5 times in the 11 weeks.

I mentioned that last week wasn't a great week due to hubby having an epic three day celebration for his birthday. After all of that indulging I followed up with redoing the carb detox for 2.5 days (ended up having veggies with dinner on the third day). That seems to have undone my sins of the weekend. My weight at my official weigh in last week was 63.4kgs. Out of interest, I weighed myself again after the weekend and found that I had gone back up to 64.4kgs. I know that a lot of that gain would have been  fluid as, for each gram of carbs you body stores, it also stores 3g water. For my weigh in this week, I had lost all of that extra gained over the weekend plus another 300g. 

My results:

Weigh In:
Starting weight: 72.5kgs
Weight after week 1: 69.4kgs
Weight after week 2: 68.7kgs
Weight after week 3: 68.1kgs
Weight after week 4: 67.2kgs
Weight after week 5: 66.7kgs
Weight after week 6: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 7: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 8: 64.7kgs
Weight after week 9: 64.1kgs
Weight after week 10: 63.4kgs
Weight after week 11: 63.1kgs
Loss in last week = -0.3kgs

Total weight loss: 9.4kgs

I had a great week but then not the best weekend. I have to admit that I am finding weekends hard. Hubby is currently completing his CFP so the kids and I have to make ourselves scarce one day of the weekend so he can study. Mum is a teacher and her school was holding an international fair so I took the kids along. I managed to stay compliant with my lunch by having chicken satay sticks. But then we didn't get home until 4.30pm, I was exhausted and hadn't gotten anything out of the freezer for dinner, so we ordered pizza in. The following quote has been floating around the Internet forever and I recently saw it on a Bodytrim follower's Instagram:

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail

It is so true. I failed to organise anything for dinner so we ended up having pizza. I need to find some takeaway like compliant recipes that I can cook in advance and store in the freezer. I do the majority of meal preparation in our family so when the weekend comes around I just want to have a weekend off; I don't want to have to think about what to feed everyone then go about doing it. Sunday was always going to be my day off as it was Father's Day and we had a BBQ planned (with brownies for dessert!). I had prepared for that which is why Saturday was a failure. 

Once I reach the weight maintenance phase I can choose from either having carbs with breakfast and lunch I and then taking just one free day a week or sticking with only carbs at breakfast and then getting two free days a week. I actually haven't minded not having carbs after breakfast so I think I will take the second option. I find it easy sticking to the way of eating during the week but come weekend I want more flexibility. 

I now have 1.1kgs left to go to reach my target and 3 weeks to do so, so I am pretty sure that I am going to be successful. I'm still feeling flabby around the middle so perhaps will go for a little bit longer - I will reassess when I get to 62kgs.

What did you do for Fathers Day? I have to confess that I made all of the dads in my life this ridiculously good; ridiculously non Bodytrim compliant 5 minute fudge. I ate a little bit on the weekend but have been good during the week. I just have to hope hubby doesn't get through it all before my free day this weekend because I want some moooorrrre!

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