Sunday, 8 September 2013

Antipodean Beauties - All About Eyes

This weeks Antipodean Beauties challenge was 'All About Eyes'. This should have been right up my alley - I always go for bright, dramatic eyes and tone down the rest of my face. I love experimenting with colour and will happily wear just about any colour - usually to match the outfit I am wearing.

The last week had been crazy busy for me. The start of the month is always busy at work so blogging has to go on the back burner.  I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to get a post out until last night when The Crazy Kid was Facebook stalking me (he loves snooping through all of my photos!). He came across the set below from the wedding I went to last year, in Hawaii. I had very dramatic eyes! At the time of the wedding I was 28 weeks pregnant with Kiki. I remember struggling to find a dress suitable to wear. In both of my pregnancies I didn't really show at all until week 22 when I suddenly popped. I think that I was shopping for this dress before I had popped so was trying to work out whether it would still look good when I got a bit bigger and whether it would even fit. The dress was from Sheike and was not a maternity dress. Thankfully, it fit perfectly and I even managed to wear it to another wedding when I was 31 weeks pregnant and then to another wedding when I was 6 months post partum! I though that this look was perfect for the All About Eyes challenge (even though it is only mostly about eyes, a bit about bump, and also about that awesome dress!).

The dress was such a stunning colour that I really wanted to wear shadows to match. The look was created using the Yaby World of Pearl Palette. I had just bought the Urban Decay Potion Primer from Sephora so used that as my eye shadow primer. I couldn't tell you what mascara I used.

A close up of the look - in hindsight I think it needed eyeliner

Hawaii: simply stunning - The wedding was amazing - like it came straight our
of a romantic comedy. And, in fitting with the romantic comedy theme the bride
adorably and completely accidentally said 'awfully wedded husband' instead of
'lawfully wedded husband'!

The bump!

The groom (left) and hubby - the best man (right)

Me and the hubs

awww...sweet photo!

What I used:

The Yaby world of pearl palette

Urban Decay Primer Potion

To get the sheen on my skin (body, not face) I used the Face of Australia Shimmer Gel.

Well, that's my All About Eyes post. Remember that this is a blog hop so please check out all of the other entries.

(also, just a reminder that today is your last day to enter to win 10 bottles of Orly nail polish)