Thursday, 1 August 2013

Quick and easy nail art

It has taken us 3 1/2 years but my mother's group is finally going out, sans kids. Imagine that - being able to finish a conversation without being interrupted; or being able to order a hot scrap that, an alcoholic drink; or not having to share our meals (especially dessert!).

Last night, I noticed that my previous manicure (from the Schick kit) was chipped and looking rather trash baggy so I decided that I NEEDED to do my nails before my night out tonight. I made this decision at 8.45pm whist watching Offspring so my chosen mani needed to be fairly quick and easy. This is what I came up with:

Please ignore the smudges on my fingers!

How cute is this purple ring - The Crazy Kid got it in
a lucky dip and gave it to me

What I used:

Purple Crush from Orly
Mojito from Ulta3
Revitanail for the top coat

These nail sticky tape things that I bought in Japan (I am hoping that I can find similar things here in Australia - never looked before). I painted the whole nail green then, once it was dry, stuck the tape on and painted the tips purple. Once the purple was dry, I applied a coat of Revitanail.

Whilst the top coat was still tacky I then applied one of these pearl crystal things on each nail then followed up with another coat of Revitanail.

I think I am getting a little bit obsessed with nail art! Do you like to do fancy designs on your nails or do you prefer to stick to one colour?