Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Bodytrim Journey: Week 7

Just a super quick update this week - I'm a bit swamped at work and have just realised that it is Thurs and I haven't done an update.

Who noticed that I cut my toenails??
Ps sorry about the pic, I turned it but it turn back...sneak!

This week I didn't lose any weight but I also didn't gain any. But, I am actually happy with my results. Why? Well, I mentioned last week that I was going out twice this week and so that it was going to be hard to stick to the diet. On Thurs night I went out to an Italian restaurant so wasn't even close to Bodytrim compliant. I was compliant all day but had pizza for dinner, mousse for dessert plus I drank wine. Then, on the Friday, went out to a pub for dinner. My dinner that night was pretty good - salmon with black beans...but I followed it up with more chocolate mousse. Earlier that day I had been in a food court for lunch and The Crazy Kid wanted sushi. I didn't want to line up twice so got sushi myself which isn't Bodytrim compliant because of the rice. Then on Sat we were out house hunting and stopped for lunch on the way home. I got a chicken salad which was prob not too bad except that it was covered with some kind of creamy sauce.

The reason I am happy with this weeks result is because it shows that if I eat fairly sensibly I can still have the odd non complaint meal and not put on weight - it is preparing me for life beyond the weight loss phase.

I didn't get around to doing my measurements and now that it is Thurs I will leave it until next week. I am noticing my face is looking a lot slimmer and my boobs are vanishing right before my eyes. I suspect, that by the end of this journey I will just be left with the boobs of a super model (ie the little buds on their chest)...except that mine will be saggy like a teabag thanks to breast feeding!

If anyone is interested, I finally got around to reviewing the Bodytrim snack range here.

I promise I will be back with my usual long post next week!

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